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Best Anime Streaming Sites

Over the years, Japanese animations have reached an increasing audience of viewers. It is not difficult to understand the success of the genre, given the affection the community shows for the titles. From this perspective, year after year the interest in the genre grows, and the easy access to this type of content is one of the main determining factors for this.

Nowadays, there are several anime streaming services in the digital medium. The most popular services have mobile apps that allow users to watch the latest releases wherever they are. Thus, the main purpose of these services is to make life easier for users, reducing complications when watching anime.

However, platforms work with streaming differently, some offer the latest releases for a monthly fee, while others offer several episodes for free, with only the presence of advertisements. In our article, check out a list of the best apps to watch anime on your mobile.

Best Anime Streaming Sites

  • Crunchyroll

Looking for platforms to keep up with the latest anime releases of the season? Crunchyroll (Android | iOS | Web | Desktop) is currently one of the largest anime streaming services on the market. The platform combines novelties and timelessness, you can watch both classic titles and the most recent movies and episodes of the season, both subtitled in USA.

  • AniPlay!

With great ratings from its users, AniPlay! (Android) is a platform that has gained some notoriety. The platform already offers more than 1,500 different titles in HD, with a minimalist and intuitive design for navigation.

  • Goyabu Animes

Also with great ratings, Goyabu Animes (Android | Web) provides in its application an intuitive and organized interface, allowing users to easily find the animes they are looking for. Currently, the platform has more than 2,700 animes available in Full HD.

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