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Best Ways to Play Retro Classics Today

We all love video games, right? There is just something about getting lost in the game, living out a breath-taking adventure, and enjoying a great plotline. There are a ton of good titles out there today. But sometimes you just want to go back and relieve some of the classics from the good old days. We’re blessed to live in such a technological world, where playing retro games is as easy as ABC. Below are the top five ways to play your favorite classic titles like The Old School Game Vault.

#5 Emulation

At this very moment you might be reading this article on your smartphone or computer. There you go! This is exactly the device that can play retro games. There are dozens of great emulators around on the web that can help get you started. Most emulators allow you to use your USB or Bluetooth controllers, which can be shaped like their original counterparts. There are also lots of abandonware websites, where you can find retro games for every taste. Such sites distribute ROM files with the retro games you used to play on the original gaming systems back in the day. What’s more, you can find emulation tools and required BIOS files for your emulators. You can find high-quality Atari, Super Game Boy, Dreamcast, Nintendo DS, GameCube, and PS1 BIOS files for your favorite retro gaming websites.

#4 Compilation Discs

If you drop by a nearby store in your area, chances are there’s probably a Sega Genesis or PS1 collection of our favorite retro classics. You can go pick it up right now. It’s cheap and convenient. Many companies have been doing this for many years, and there have been tons of compilation discs across many consoles. So, if you are lucky enough to get a PS4, you can play some good old Atari games. It’s just mind-blowing!

#3 Virtual Console

We’re not going to limit this to Nintendo and their Virtual Console. But Nintendo is still a huge player when it comes to classic gaming on modern systems. Although it has been phased out, on the WU and even the Wii with a bit of coin you were able to buy classic NES, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, and other retro tiles and play them right there on your console. The best part is that the prices on these games are really inexpensive, and once you’ve purchased and downloaded a desired game, you can start playing it immediately.

#4 Clone Consoles

If you still own those old cartridges, there is a great system that can help you give them a second life. The Retron 5 is a great device that can play the majority of retro cartridges. It supports over five consoles along with its machine. The Retron 5 allows a wide array of titles from different consoles to be played in high definition and helps you take your gaming experience to the next level.

Another system worth mentioning is the Super Retro Trio, which can successfully run Genesis and Super Nintendo. It can even play Super Nintendo cartridges on the go!

Both of these clone consoles support the original controller, which helps the emulated games play and feel more authentic.

#5 Original Controllers

There is nothing like playing the original retro games on the original gaming console with the original controller. Of course, you can attribute this feeling to mostly nostalgia. But think of how many memories you’ve made playing games after school, early in the morning when the sun was coming out, or late in the night when the only glow was your TV.

Yes, there are many ways to play retro video games in the Digital Age. But sometimes the best way to experience that is the first way you learned how to play these games.

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