Destiny 2 Season 2 Leaks That Might Be True

Rumors and leaks are an integral part of the gaming industry.

Players seek to get hold of insider information for many reasons – here is the sale of equipment that is out of date in the future, and vice versa, the purchase of materials that will be difficult to find with the release of updates.

Rumors are unreliable and often misleading, but listening to quality insiders with more or less verified information can be beneficial.

Today we will discuss what destiny 2 new season will bring us

The new season will be called the Season of the Forgotten.


The story interpreted in the season will have a connection with Libra, where the key role will be played by the previously known Rasputin, whom the players will try to transfer to the exoskeleton.

Completing weekly quests and the main storyline will lead players to the Vex home, through a large portal on Europa. Many players perceive this leak with skepticism, because to see such a global expansion of the game world in just one update sounds very ambitious, albeit very cool.


The new Hopelight Chosen rifle is a plasma weapon.

The main perk is described as a multi-elemental hard light. The key feature is the switching of fire modes, and the ability to break through shields with any elemental protection.

The electrical subclass will be redesigned for system 3.0. Developers have been throwing up similar information on social networks for a long time, and it may well turn out to be true. The Bungie have long wanted to bring the subclassing system into a single 3.0 system.

New Crafting Weapons – Multiple hulls will be added and players will have to farm red framed weapons again.

New PVP maps:

Two new PvP maps are expected to be added on Europe and in the Savathun Throne Room. But since the developers have not thought about the Crucible for a long time and the probability of adding two cards at once is not high, but still there.

There are also leaks that Iron Banner will be getting two new modes within the lab. The information is controversial, since earlier vendors claimed that it was pointless to accumulate signs of the iron banner due to the imminent change in the pumping model.

New quest

What is known:

  • Designed for three players
  • Assistant Anna Bray
  • Similar to the Omen under the leadership of Osiris

The most optimistic players are waiting for Bungie to add Anna Bray as an NPC to accompany the players and take part in the battle. But the likelihood of implementing this mechanic is extremely low.

End of season

At the end, players learn that the Vex is the final form from another universe, which was created during the experiment of darkness and light – this is how the developers make a reference to the latest addition to Final Shape.

Season of the return

The plot begins with the appearance of the Leviothan ship over Europe, on which Calus arrives and unfreezes Eromis. By joining forces, they try to make a pact with the choice of leader for the control of the scorn.

As part of the tasks, players will make efforts to bring discord into their union, and after that the pact will be completely canceled.

In the new season, the bungee will finish processing the last subclass – solar. Optimizing it for version 3.0

According to unconfirmed information, all reconnaissance rifles will be strengthened – they will receive a perk that makes it possible to make a triple shot. Bows and heavy grenade launchers will also be reinforced.

According to leaks from the storyline, it is known that a new secret quest will appear in the season, which will put an end to the activity of Kallus and Eramis. To avoid direct plot spoilers, let’s say that as a result of the story passage, new residents and the long-awaited player search function will appear in the old tower.

Apparently, the developers will finally listen to the complaints of the players about the difficulty of selecting party members. After all, before you had to look for comrades in the discord, or on the forums – anywhere, but not inside the game itself.

Legendary Raid:

Many players have been happy about the Kallus return leak, waiting for his raid to return. But if you believe the insiders, the legendary raid will be the old raid – The Fall of the King. The exodus of the raid will be touch of Mellos.


If at least half of the leaks are confirmed, then Destiny 2 will sparkle again with new colors for many players who left the project.

To believe the insiders or not is everyone’s business, we just tried to convey the main plot and gameplay changes with a minimum of spoilers.

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