Home Paternity Test vs. Lab Test: Comparing Price and Accuracy

For those looking to determine paternity from the comfort and privacy of their own homes, there are at-home tests that can be purchased and delivered in discreet packages to your front door. Whether you pursue home testing or lab testing, they are both accurate and offer a 99.99% accuracy rating. For at-home tests, know that the testing is performed at the laboratories used for in-lab testing. To ensure accuracy, the samples are tested two times.

Determining paternity can be an emotional and highly stressful process. With the option of at-home testing or in-lab testing, you can rest assured knowing that the answers you seek will soon be revealed. By working with trusted companies, you can trust the results of your paternity testing without fear of inaccuracies.

The labs verifying paternity results are accredited for DNA testing. You can feel comfortable knowing that you’ll receive accurate results. Although there are slight price differences between the home paternity test and in-lab testing, this is only due to the professional sample handling that goes into effect.

Find out more info on your options for paternity testing and read on to learn more.

Home Paternity Test

For the home paternity test, you will pay $179, including materials for both participants and all the kit contents. The price per person is $69, including one shipping address. For an additional shipping address, the cost is $6. Your samples will be handled by lab technicians qualified to give you accurate results.

In-Lab Paternity Testing

For in-lab testing, you will pay a total of $299 which includes all testing materials for two participants. Additional participants will pay $120 per person. The only difference between the home paternity test and the in-lab test is that the sample collection is done privately vs. professionally at a lab. Your results will be returned to you in 3-5 days after submitting your samples, regardless of the approach you take.

The accuracy for both test options is 99.99%. The added costs for in-lab testing pertain to the specifics of professional lab-trained technicians; these professionals will also provide legal documents, indicating the results of your testing, as well as custody forms.

Things To Consider

Be mindful of companies that supply the home paternity test at low prices. In these cases, it’s not uncommon for customers to be charged for high shipping costs after the fact, and for the companies to potentially leave out the test results. Stick to companies that give you the cost breakdown from the start, so you know what you’re getting into right away. Don’t trust DNA collection from untrained labs or those that are not affiliated with labs specified for paternity testing.

Get Your Answers

Getting to the bottom of paternity and parental rights is stressful. Reduce some of the stress involved by going with an at-home paternity test, or if preferred, go with in-lab testing to rely on trained technicians who can provide you with accurate results. Reach out to a paternity testing company today to get your answers.

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