How do I become a citizen of St. Lucia?

Citizenship by investment in Saint Lucia is available through three options. To qualify for citizenship, you can either make a minimum donation of $100,000 to the government, purchase real estate on the island starting from $300,000 or make an investment of $250,000 in government bonds.

How do I apply for citizenship in St Lucia?

To get citizenship in Saint Lucia, you must be outstanding, hold no criminal record, have excellent health, be over 18 years old, pass St Lucia’s due diligence checks, and make one of 4 qualifying investments; Contribute to the Saint Lucia National Economic Fund make a real estate investment, contribute.

Can a US citizen live in St Lucia?

Relocate to St Lucia from the US

Multiple Entry Visa; The Multiple Entry Visa allows American ex-pats to live up to a year in St Lucia. Expats seeking work in St Lucia will, however, need to apply for a work permit.

How can I move to St Lucia?

Process; Complete the application and submit it to the Immigration Department at least two (2) weeks before the travel date. In some circumstances, an application for a visa can be made at the airport upon entry to Saint Lucia (please note the possibility that the application for a visa may be refused).

Are St Lucians British citizens?

Citizenship. (1) Every person who, having been born in Saint Lucia, is immediately before the commencement of this Constitution a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies shall become a citizen at such commencement.

Can foreigners buy property in St Lucia?

Yes, you can buy St Lucia real estate for sale as a foreigner. You will have to apply for an Alien Landholding License to buy St Lucia property. You can also apply to the St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program and purchase pre-approved property in exchange for receiving a St Lucia passport.

Can I retire in St Lucia?

Unlike some other countries in the region, St Lucia does not offer a specific visa for retires. However, there are various other routes available to those looking to move to the island. If you would like to retire in St Lucia, you will need to apply for either residency or citizenship.

How strong is St Lucia’s passport?

The Saint Lucia passport currently ranks in the 32nd place according to the Guide passport Ranking Index. It provides visa-free access to 145 countries. This grants it an overall high mobility score and makes it a desirable passport.

Who is a resident of St Lucia?

Lucia recognizes three types of residency; Citizenship, Permanent Residence, and the right to reside. Persons, other than citizens require a work permit to carry on an occupation in St. Lucia citizenship by investment. On application after seven (7) years of continuous residence in St.

Can a British citizen live in St Lucia?

Yes, immigration to St Lucia is possible. St Lucia acknowledges three types of residency; citizenship, permanent residence, and the right to reside. Non-nation also must obtain a work permit o reside in St Lucia.

Is it cheap to live in St Lucia?

Is the cost of living in St Lucia expensive? The cost of living in St Lucia is relatively low. Compared to the US and the UK, eating out, groceries, and real estate are cheaper.

Do you pay taxes in St Lucia?

Individuals resident or ordinary residents in Saint Lucia are subject to personal income tax on a worldwide basis. Individuals resident but not ordinarily resident are subject to personal income tax on their Saint Lucian source income and foreign-source income remitted to the country.

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