What are the Things to Do in Oregon City?

Approximately 13 miles southeast of Portland, Oregon City is a metropolis with great historical and cultural significance. It is famous for being the first capital of Oregon before it was even recognized as a state and served as the last stop of the Oregon Trail.

Oregon City boasts plenty of attractions that are both beautiful and hold great cultural and historical value. The recent restoration projects in the city have helped it preserve its honour and allowed tourists to experience the authentic lifestyle of the natives.

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Things To Do in Winston Oregon

Winston is home to a wide variety of wildlife and vegetation. Not only nature lovers would be able to find peace in its petting zoos and magnificent gardens, but the city offers a plethora of immersive activities for adventure enthusiasts as well.

Wildlife Safari is a great option for you if you want to get close to animals and peek inside their lives. If you are looking for hiking and camping opportunities, Morrisons Rogue Wilderness adventures will help you find your zen in the lovely Winston landscape.

Beer fans can visit LookingGlass Brewery for tasty hand-crafted beer and enjoy their occasionally brewed seasonal ales. If finding the perfect bite in Winston is something you are excited about, do not forget to stop by Willee’s café and Spirits. You’d love the welcoming crowd and friendly staff here and might even make a few friends along the way.

Applegate Trail Centre is a must-see venue for those travelling with kids. This museum offers a remarkable insight into the history of Winston and helps in improving understanding of this rugged region. If art lies within your area of interest, Gallery Northwest and Umpqua Valley Arts Association are perfect spots for you to appreciate unique pieces and engage with the local artists.

Things To Do in Salem Oregon with Kids

Oregon City is a family-friendly destination and features multiple venues where you can spend quality time with your children.  Explore the Clubhouse adventures with amazing indoor play and which suits best to kids aged 1 to 9. Get Air Trampoline Park is another fun-filled spot where your kids will love bouncing on the massive foam pits and have the time of their lives.

Check out the Willamette Heritage center to have an educational trip with your tiny tots and get them familiarized with Yarn mills. Visit Salvation Army Ray & Joan Kroc Corps community center and Wings & Waves Water Park for water-related adventures. Both of these places furnish innumerable choices of exhilarating indoor and outdoor water games, which your children would absolutely love.

Natural Attractions in Oregon

When it comes to natural beauty, Oregon is no less than a wonderland. Its diverse climatic conditions in different regions amaze most of the visitors and intrigue them to experience this versatility by themselves. If you want to escape the city buzz and take a moment to revitalize the scenic natural sights, Oregon has got you covered!

Mt. Hoot is one of the most favourite spots of visitors in Oregon. It is the highest snowy peak in the state and has ample soaring forests and water bodies to carry out adventure sports.

Whether you want to climb in the cold terrain, ski, or go snowboarding, this place will allow you endless fun any time of the year. A day trip to Columbia River Gorge would also be an enthralling experience as the region is filled with mighty waterfalls. You can also take a stroll around the heavenly vistas which would take your breath away.

The Oregon coast, Wallowa Mountains, and Hells Canyon are some of the most visited tourist spots in the state that would captivate you with their otherworldly views and make your trip unforgettable.

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