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How to Attract New Customers to Your Ecommerce Store

Every business owner who builds an online store has an aspiration to reach a wider audience and grow business. But simply investing in an eCommerce website development won’t sprout results until you are strategic enough to drive more and more customers.

Today, we will explore some handpicked strategies to attract new customers to your e-store. Let’s check them out.

Tips to Drive More Traffic and Conversions in Your Store

  1. Build Reputation

Reputation building is one of the most primary things to do. Even before starting sales-boosting campaigns, pay attention to build your brand reputation. If people are not familiar with your e-store, they may not interact with the advertisements.

Reputation has become a crucial part of today’s mainstream digital marketing services. Engage a professional company to optimize your brand presence on the web. Today’s shoppers are spoilt with choices. The only differentiating factor is credibility and familiarity. The marketers will help you to achieve both.

Displaying reviews in your e-store, earning reviews on Google, and boosting brand memorability will work well for your store.

  1. Enhance Your Search Visibility

Getting new customers demands you to increase your visibility. It’s important to engage professional SEO services and optimize your e-store. From enhancing loading speed to including the right keywords and implementing heatmap – the SEO experts will take care of it all. That way, your shop will be featured when people search for something online. This is essential for bringing new customers to your e-store.

  1. Sell Across Diverse Channel

Don’t limit your business potential only to the website. Today, Instagram has become one of the major platforms for directly selling products. You can also bring more traffic to your store by leveraging platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.

The social media platforms help you to reach a new customer base and attract them to shop from you. Also, you can get insight into a look-alike audience. Here, you can find out people who have the same or similar interests as your existing customers. Reaching out to them will help you to drive people to your store that has a high potential to convert.

  1. Equip Your Store with Essential Features

For ecommerce websites, you have major inspiration sources like Amazon or Walmart. Such leading stores are always upgrading themselves with advanced features. If you want to grow and offer your users a top-notch experience, consider integrating such features.

Though you need not include all the features Amazon has, a few user-friendly ones like product categories, product video & descriptions, FAQs, 360-degree product view with zoom-in functionality, product recommendations, order status tracking, etc. can be integrated.

If the new visitors feel confused at your store, they may not convert. The more user-friendly your store is, the more it will convert the visitors.

  1. Don’t Force Anything

The last thing your visitors want is to be forced to do something. For instance, a popup without a close button that asks people to include their details may lead people to bounce. Similarly, many don’t intend to create an account to shop. Guest checkout facility is a must-have for your store as it simplifies the purchasing process.

  1. Quick Support

Do you know that 45% of people who visit an e-store will not purchase if their queries are not answered (source: SEMRush) and they won’t call or email you. Today’s life is fast and they want instant support from an online store.

Therefore, try to address people’s concerns as soon as possible. Make sure to provide all the details related to pricing, delivery, and shipping on the product page. You can also include a pin code tracker on the page so that people can check if the product can be shipped to a specific address and how much they need to pay for shipping.

Live support is also popular these days as people can easily communicate with your business at their convenience.

  1. Discounts and Offers

The most powerful weapon to attract more customers is to give discounts and offers. You can start with seasonal sales or random offers. Later on, you can even create a specific sale that will be associated with your store. For instance, Amazon has Prime Day, Flipkart has Big Billion Day, and so on. Lots of people rush to these stores during the sales.

Quick fact: Amazon Prime Day 2021 generated $6.8 billion in gross sales (source:

  1. Free Shipping

While this one is closely connected with the previous pointer, we wanted to highlight it separately due to its efficacy in driving new customers to your store. Usually, people would pay more to qualify for free shipping. Therefore, if possible, try to provide a free shipping facility and make sure to promote it in your campaigns.

  1. Landing Page Should Match Your Campaign

Often, small businesses fail to create new landing pages or banners for new PPC (Pay-per-Click) campaigns. If people fail to note sync between the campaign and the landing page, they will simply bounce, wasting your PPC budget. Therefore, make sure to create a distinct landing page or banners depending on your campaign requirement.

  1. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is an effective way to reach out to potential customers. Here, the first step is to find out influencers in your niche. It’s better to stay away from the ones who create content for diverse domains. Instead, pay attention to the ones who have a strong follower base in your specific niche.

As you can see, driving people to your store and converting them takes double-action of website building and marketing. Pay attention to these and you are good to go. For any more queries, feel free to share your thoughts.

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