How To Be Beach Ready With Your Dog This Summer?

Are you excited to take your dog on a beach trip? Your fur baby may be eager to get along with you too! Even animals like to move outdoors on beautiful sunny days. Especially when it’s a beach, the happiness is unbridled. Have you prepared for a beach day? There might be many things to take and many safety precautions to consider. Why precautions? After all, you wouldn’t want your pet to get hurt or fall ill after the trip. You might be wondering what safety measures to take, but don’t stress as we can help!

We know that there is nothing better than to do a frolic in the sand with your furry four-legged friend. Ensuring their safety is also vital! Before you dip in the water with your pet dog, let us see some safety considerations:

Check Beaches:

Not all beaches are friendly for dogs; for instance, there may be many water sports happening there, and your pet can feel uncomfortable. So, you should search for dog-friendly beaches where your pet can play unhindered.

Take Them To Calm Waters:

Does your dog know swimming? If not, it is best to take them when the water is calm and low; even if they can swim, high waves can make them tired early, and then you will have no one to splash with after an hour or so.

Invest in Jacket:

A doggie life jacket is a must for safety! Whether your dog can paddle or not, misfortunes can happen anytime. You cannot let your dog drown in that case. So, get a life jacket for them to swim with ease!

Don’t Forget The Sunscreen:

Hairless pink areas of the dog are sensitive, so it needs to be protected from sunburn. Are you planning to use your sunscreen for them? Don’t do that as it may be harmful. Buy SPF formulated for dogs and be stress-free for their paws and other vulnerable areas.

Add Essentials:

Imagine yourself sitting in the heat on hot sand. Would you feel good? The same applies to your furry friend. Carry an umbrella and a foldable chair to set up on the beach. It is a good idea to take towels and blankets instead (if you don’t have a chair). How about packing essentials like doggie shoes for your pet? Well, that is a good option too!

Keep Them Hydrated:

It is summer, and we all get thirsty again and again. Ensure that you bring enough fresh water for yourself and your pet. Drinking salt water can make your pup dehydrated. But how will you know of their dehydration? Check for saliva as a thicker one indicates overheating and dehydration.

Carry First Aid:

What if your dog gets hurt or faces irritation while playing? What will you do in an emergency? Carry CBD gels, balms, and spray to soothe their skin and combat other issues. These alternatives are better than oral supplements! Also, don’t forget to carry some band-aids along!

Take Soothers Along:

Imagine your dog reacting inappropriately on the beach. It is possible for animals to feel anxious, and it could be due to a new place, seeing a stranger dog, or perceiving a threat. How will you soothe or calm your dog? What will work the best CBD oil for dogs by King Kanine can help you here. Visit their online store, and you will be amazed to see a variety of calming products for your pet. Their products are organic and carefully researched to give to an animal. Buy a CBD oil or calming treats for your pet from them and see your growling pup turn into a nice boy!

Make sure that you are well-prepped on your trip with your dog. Spend your valuable time with your pup and ensure that you are available for him all time. It is recommended to put a name label on their neckband so that they don’t get lost. Don’t forget their favorite too! Play many games and enjoy your day with your best pal!

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