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How to check the internet-quality and improve it

We watch movies, download music, and communicate via Viber and Telegram. We want the quality of communication to be the best. After all, work and relaxation depend on it. In 2023, there were 5.19 billion internet users worldwide. And this number is growing steadily. How can you check network quality? We will show you the best internet speed test and tell you how to improve your internet connection speed.

What is an internet speed test?

It allows you to measure the speed of your Internet connection. You will understand how quickly data will be transferred. These are the factors the test measures:

  • Download – how quickly data is received.

A good download speed is from 25 to 100 Mbps. So, you can easily download videos, play games, upload files, and generally feel comfortable online.

  • Upload – how quickly data is sent.

The great upload speed is from 5 to 25 Mbps. In such cases, files are transferred quickly, and it is also easy to stream and work with cloud services.

  • Ping time – delay time in data transfer between the device and the server.

The lower the ping, the better it is for online games and video conferencing. A ping of less than 50 milliseconds is good.

When do you need a super high-speed internet connection?

The average download speed in the UK was 69.4Mbps in March 2023. Thus, there was an increase of 10.1 Mbit/s (17%) from March 2022.

Although Internet quality indicators are improving, problems still arise. The causes of the issues are the terrain, defects with the telephone, and so on. But sometimes, even when everything is in order, you may need super-fast Internet:

  1. The speed should be high if you need to stream 4K video.
  2. Sometimes, many devices work simultaneously on your network – tablets, laptops, smartphones, and smart TVs. In such cases, you need to receive better speed.
  3. If you live in a region with low Internet speed, you also need to gain access to a high-quality Internet connection.

Why do you need a test?

These tests help:

  • Check the Internet connection quality: If the speed is lower than you need (for example, for watching movies), you must do something.
  • Identify network problems: Understand what is causing the problem with a bad connection.
  • Choose the Best Internet Plan: Are you thinking about switching providers? Or do you want to upgrade your current plan? Then, a speed test will help you determine which method is best.
  • Monitor connection stability: Sometimes, it is necessary to conduct regular Internet connection speed tests.

How to test Internet speed?

Special applications and online services are used. Such a service can easily measure the data transfer speed between your device and a remote server; the results will be presented in (Mbps per second or kilobits per second (Kbps).

We’ll tell you in more detail how to check the speed of your Internet connection.

  • First, select a website to check. We recommend something like Netflix’s or Google’s built-in speed test.
  • Connect to your network
  • Close application and programs
  • Run a speed test
  • Wait for the results. This usually takes up to a couple of seconds.
  • View results. The test results will appear on the screen.
  • Analyze the results. Now compare the results with the one that your Internet provider promised you. Actual Internet connection speed may vary depending on network congestion, time of day, and distance from the provider’s infrastructure.
  • Repeat testing if necessary. For example, run the test a couple of times during the day. This way, you can track performance and fix problems in time.

Best internet speed tests

We present to you the best internet speed tests that you will definitely enjoy:


The speed test is famous worldwide and has gained a good reputation. This test is accurate and provides the ability to view history. The test measures the network’s ability to handle 4K video streams.

For streamers, this is the best Internet mobile speed test. The broadband access test has a simple interface and belongs to the world-famous company Netflix, which is its advantage. The test checks whether your connection is strong enough.

This excellent test is worthy of your attention. It runs on HTML5 and PHP. No third-party software is required to run the test. It’s comfortable! You can easily compare the performance of different browsers.

Do you want to evaluate the speed and stability of your Internet connection? Then this test is best for you. Estimate fluctuations in upload and download speeds as accurately as possible. You can also conduct tests on your mobile phone. An excellent interface guarantees comfort when using the test.

Unfortunately, the test also has disadvantages. For example, there is no way to select which server you connect to manually.

M-Lab Internet Speed Test

It is the most straightforward test, so if you are a beginner, please choose this one. With support from Google, a group of talented computer scientists have developed the open-source test. Type “internet speed test” into the Google search bar and then click the blue “SPEED TEST” button. You will see the results in a couple of seconds. The test is designed for Internet speeds of only up to 700 Mbit/s.

Choose the best internet mobile speed test you like. Check the quality of the Internet and take steps to ensure that the Internet connection speed is the best.

Solution for improving the quality of mobile Wi-Fi

If you notice that the Internet speed is low, we offer you an excellent solution to the problem. If you are in a region where the Internet connection lacks stability, if the Internet speed does not please you, pay attention to solutions from UCtel. Such a solution will help strengthen the mobile signal. And you will enjoy uninterrupted phone calls and reliable Wi-Fi wherever you are.


Have you noticed that web pages don’t load well, videos are interrupted, and messengers don’t work well? Use the best mobile internet speed test to evaluate the quality of the Internet. And if the quality is not good, the solutions from the UCtel company will help you. Specialists will provide you with current solutions to increase Internet speed.

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