How to Choose the Best Track Rollers: A Guide

Choosing the right replacement track roller for your sliding door will make it easy to open. If you choose the wrong one, the opposite will be true. Therefore, it pays to know how to differentiate good track rollers from bad ones.

If you’re interested in learning this, read on. This article will list and detail a few questions that will help you pick the best door rollers.

Where Are the Rollers?

Before you replace each door roller, inspect the old ones. One of the first things to note is its location on your door. More specifically, you need to know if it’s on the top or bottom of your sliding door.

Your rollers should look like metal boxes with wheels. Search the top two corners and the bottom two corners for them. Make a note of which locations they’re in.

What Does It Look Like?

Most times, you can find new rollers that are identical to your old ones. For this reason, it’s a good idea to note their appearance.

Consider taking a photo or drawing a picture of your door rollers. You can then use this while you’re shopping for their replacements.

What Is the Door Like?

Some rollers are more suitable for certain doors than others. Therefore, it’s important to note the qualities of your rolling door. These include the door’s materials, weight, and size.

You don’t have to put your door on a scale to weigh it. It’s best to get this information from a manual. If you don’t have that, use a door weight calculator to estimate it.

The other two qualities should be easier to find out. Inspect your door to see if it’s made of glass, metal, wood, or so on. Use a tape measure to learn the door’s dimensions.

What Is the Track Like?

Like door types, track types can vary as well. Your track may be a soffit or face-fixed style. The latter looks like a valley, while the former looks like a squarish pipe.

Look above or below the door for the track. Note how it looks.

Do I Want Different Rollers?

You don’t have to replace your old door rollers with ones of the same type. You can upgrade to higher-quality ones if you wish.

Precision track rollers are a good example of this. Unlike some other styles, these are quieter and don’t degrade as easily. They will also last a lot longer.

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As a final tip, be sure to inspect and measure your door carefully. If you don’t, you’re more likely to choose the wrong track rollers. This can cause you to waste a lot of time and money.

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