Are you on a search for that perfect gift? There is a certain pressure that comes with gifting loved ones. There is a need to get it just right, as it is always a show of love, emotions, and appreciation. Here at ELEPHANTSTOCK, we have compiled a professionally, and thoughtfully detailed list of some of the best ways to gift to the people we hold dear.


A collage is a creative decoration concept that does not go out of style in any way, shape, or form. This popular, widely used, and timeless trend is an amazing way to surprise loved ones. A photo collage of sweet memories is a great way to go. Every art interior enthusiast appreciates and understands the range a collage can reach when it comes to displaying beauty, love, and memories.

You can display your favorite family photos or show your class an understanding of eclectic wall art. A collage is always an avenue to showcase and celebrate your class in gifting, and your level of emotions. There are a vast amount of canvas photo print samples to choose from at ELEPHANTSTOCK.


There is always a need to give to our loved ones. It represents so many things, love, admiration, appreciation. Custom photo prints are undoubtedly one of the best ways to give to our loved ones.

They make perfect gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations. They are also a great way to keep memories alive. With custom photo canvas printing and framing, memories can the kept safely, without a scratch or change in appearance for as long as it needs to be.

Pictures that tell stories can be unexpected. Moments of happiness and beauty can be created, but sometimes, it happens unexpectedly. Make the most of life and leave a trail of stories behind for even the generations yet to come.

Other than being a great way to preserve favorite memories, canvas print images can also be implemented as a suitable form of interior decoration. canvas prints can be integrated into any setting as an artistic piece. It could be used to make a statement, thereby being able to dictate the mood of any setting.


This is a great way to gift to someone you love. A poem might be more appropriate for a romantic relationship.  A poem is a beautiful way to express the depth of your love; a technique that can not be altered by time. 

Compose a beautiful poem from scratch to finish. Be expressive, print it, and put it in a frame for maximum effect. 

Framed Canvas: there exists a small space between the canvas and frame that gives your artwork a unique appearance. Framed artworks appear finished and polished, simple, and light, hence a clean appearance.

Unframed Canvas: This is an artwork that is not set to any frame. This distinctive feature makes it able to adapt to any sort of style. It creates a unique look when blended with modern furniture and all interior concepts.


For more exciting gifts, give your loved ones something that is out-of-the-box.
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