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How To Come Up With a Story For Your Video?

Every video must have a story. It’s the first thing on the list that should be done when you make a video. A story gives viewers a reason to follow the video until the end. Therefore, a video without a story might not be enough to grab an audience. At the end of the day, what they have left in their memory will be “nothing”, because they don’t have anything to relate to. offers a huge library of tools. So, if you just get started and enjoy digging into a rich library of tools, explore various templates in this online video maker.

One common mistake from people who make videos is overused visual effects with massive amounts of eye-catching transitions. When viewers see a video like this, they just finish it and walk away. Thus, good video editing needs to focus on ensuring their audience understands and remembers what is being presented. If someone finishes watching a video and can retell it to other people, it’s a big hit right there.

But coming up with a good story has never been easy. Therefore, I’m here to show you some basic steps. Using those tips will aid you tremendously in the long run. Not only that, you can use these steps for every video that you make for different purposes. Regardless of the video type, you can utilize these flexibly because they’re meant to make things less complicated.

Now, let’s get right into the main topic.

Steps Of How To Come Up With a Good, Fulfilling Story For Your Video

Step 1: Answer Some Simple Questions

Before you jump right into scripting it all out, ask yourself these questions:

  • What’s the story about?
  • Who are you telling it to?
  • Why should people watch this video?
  • Is there a value that people can take away from the video?
  • Do you enjoy this idea of yourself?

Simple questions like this will guide you in a straightforward direction. People often get lost in choosing among different ideas. They usually just pick out whatever they feel cool for the video. Yet, it affects the process of scripting and it’s hard to keep track of what needs to be done first and after.

These initiatives are really important to start building a story when you create videos. Make sure you stick close to them.

Step 2: Create an Outline

Outlines influence how clear and deliverable the story is. They create distinctive scenes so that you can decide what camera angles will be applied. Also, it affects the flow of the story. Everything has to stay connected for an organized outcome. You don’t want to make one scene clash with the other. Disconnected transitions will likely fail your audience because they get lost in the middle of the video. You don’t want people to walk away just after 30 seconds into the video.

Make sure you have a clear outline of what will happen in the video. Then, decide how you want those events to happen and in what way you can deliver them. Doing it as a mind map would work out just fine. Mind maps help you have full control over the content of everything. Hence, it shows exactly where you are in different stages of the process. By that, you don’t have to worry about being lost with your craft. Moreover, make sure to bring the outline with you on the shooting day. You’re going to need it to know if the content sticks to the line.

Note: An online video maker like Promo can support you with creating a neat timeline. This will help you sort things out easily just like how an outline works. By this, you can keep track of what’s going on easily using the given tool. Hence, the features in an online video maker are very useful. They lead you in the right directions with clear instructions. Therefore, don’t worry if you never use an editing tool before.

Step 3: The Main Event: The story

After finishing the first 2 steps, you now have had enough material to create the entire story. Based on the outline, you dig a bit deeper into the details of the story. For instance, how the emotion takes place in a scene. You kind of put everything together in this step so that you can see if it’s well-connected. Also, other factors such as dialogues, people, small events, are some concerns that you have to take care of during this stage. Making sure they are ready is crucial for the successful main event: the shooting days.

Before the shooting days, spend a couple of weeks rehearsing. When practicing it in advance, it shows clearly how it’s gonna look under a naked eye. If you only finish the outline and go straight into making the video, you will recognize that some details won’t work for a video story format. Therefore, practice your craft in action, evaluate if it looks fit on the camera, and carry out some changes if needed. This is how the backbone of a story is built. By doing this, you can play the viewer role to see if you love the piece or not. It gives more realistic feedback separate from what you think of your creation.

Step 4: Choose Carefully The Effects, Sounds, And Transitions Of The Story

To make a video, don’t forget about storytelling. It’s the main criteria leading to success. Yet, it depends much on how the video editor brainstorms to choose the substances. It makes zero sense if an emotional scene is installed with too many partying effects or wrong music tracks. So, It’s never been easy to use the right transition for different scenes with different emotional levels. You have to think clearly before adding one to each cut. Great shots but unmatched transitions can harmfully affect the mood of your audience. Make sure you consider it carefully when you create a video next time.

A Pocket Size Suggestion

A Pocket Size Suggestion

Usually, an online video maker is the most reliable tool to deal with this. Like Promo, the app gives you exactly what you need to gear up your story. It helps you from basic drag and drop to the most complicated effects. It also has an unlimited video template that you can choose to express your message. The steps are usually simple to catch up quickly. For those who haven’t used any video editing apps before, this is one way to help you feel less overwhelmed. The features in an online video maker are also easier to follow.

Normally, it will give you the tool to perform it. It only requires some basic drag and drop. For this reason, don’t worry if you want cool-looking effects and good music tracks but are afraid of dealing with complex manipulations.

Parting Words On Online Video Maker

There you have it. The 4 basic steps that you need to make a video with a meaningful story. If you still need more help building up your business or social media story, make sure you visit our online video maker Promo. There are a lot of useful blogs on the website that can help you along the way. I hope my sharing will somehow help your business approach success, or become a bit more popular on social media.

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