How to Get Your Glass Art Business Back on Track Amidst COVID-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted every industry, and the art industry hasn’t been an exception here.

The glass art business has been slow recently because of coronavirus restrictions which lead to cancellation to temporary shut down of art galleries and no events for artists to attend and show their skills.

So, now as a glass artist you’ll be wondering how to get your art business back on track, right? Read this article to find the answer.

#1. Connect with Art Galleries & Event Managers

Now is the right time to browse through your professional contact list and see whom you can reach out to, to update you about your work.

Inquire about their upcoming prospects and how you can be a part of it. The more connections, the more sales opportunities you will have.

In simple words, getting leads when the business is slow. It is important to note that your aim should be to establish relationships with gallerists, past buyers, fellow artists, or workshop attendees, rather than being salesy.

#2. Sending Out a Newsletter


Sending Out a Newsletter

It’s time to reconnect with your audience with a newsletter. A newsletter is an excellent opportunity, not just to update, but also to engage. When drafting the newsletter, you need to clarify what you wish to accomplish with the outreach?

Do you want feedback for your last artwork or seeking ideas? You can include photos and information regarding your latest artwork.

When people buy your art, they want to have a connection with you and your work. A newsletter can help you build a connection.

The newsletter should be short & sweet. It needs to be personal, informative, engaging & readable.

#3. Review Your Finance

Downtime is the perfect time for boring activities such as reviewing your finances.

It’s time to evaluate how you are spending money on and what is bringing the income. It is highly recommended that you prepare a sheet to track your spending and where you can cut corners.

Figure out what you spend the most, and is it worth the expense? Look for insights, and then find a solution.

#4 Experiment with the Art

Experiment with the Art

Take the advantage of this downtime to expand your art practice. Tap into your creativity during this time. If there’s something you wanted to try out earlier, now is the time to mix it up.

Whether it is a new technique or switching to a different glass type such as COE96, explore new areas of creativity. By taking risks and making mistakes, and enjoy unbounded creativity.

Experimenting with different art glass supplies could help you discover different kinds of art glass products that will excite your buyers.

#5. Tune Into the Artist Community

Reconnect with the creative community around you.  Being a part of a larger artist community gives you support, inspiration, enjoyment, and sustained relationships. If you want to enrich your art experience, then get out of your art studio, and get online.

Engage creatively with your fellow artists.

Find an online artist group to join. Propose to collaborate with a glass artist you respect. There are numerous ways to connect with the other artists within your community. Attend a digital workshop.

#6. Organize Your Art Studio

Organize Your Art Studio

Having an organized  studio to create glass art pieces reduces stress and triggers new ideas. Go through your art glass supplies. Get rid of the dried-up acrylics, and take note of supplies you have in surplus.

Knowing what you have will ensure you don’t over-buy or realize what supplies you need at the last minute. Just think of this as a spring cleaning.

Once you get rid of the clutter and refocus on what you wanted to create, commit to it. Since you have no distractions in the studio, you will have a clear idea of what projects you have and the priority of each.

The downtime can be the busiest & productive time or the dullest, it all depends upon how you take it. Organize now, and prepare yourself for the challenging coming months.

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