How to Open a Soap Dispenser

Every day, the average American washes their hands about 8 times.

As you can imagine, this leads to going through a lot of soap! Do you know how to open a soap dispenser to restock your soap? If not, you’ve come to the right place.

Read on for a step-by-step guide.

Determine the Model

By now, you know there are hundreds of different models of soap dispensers in the world. Determining which one you have will make your life easier.

The easiest way to do this is by looking for a brand name on the dispenser. From here, you can get brand-specific information about the best way to open it.

If you can’t find any brand markers, check out to see a wide variety of soap dispensers. You’ll be able to match up the dispenser from looks alone!

How to Open a Soap Dispenser on a Wall

Keys for wall-mounted dispenser are usually flat pieces of plastic with shallow ridges. Most commonly there will be an opening to match your key on the top or the bottom of your dispenser. Once you’ve found the keyhole, insert the key.

The front half of the soap dispenser will fold down to reveal the empty pouch of soap. From here, you will be able to replace your soap and get back to washing your hands!

Counter Mounted

These dispensers will have the reservoir located within the counter. These can be a real pain, but they don’t have to be! Check under the counter to see what you’re working with.

In most commercial settings, the reservoir will be a bottle underneath the counter. The bottles are easily replaced. To replace these kinds, unscrew the old bottle and screw in the new one!

Recessed Soap Dispensers

Recessed soap dispensers are built into a wall which can make them seem hard to open! Though it depends on the model, these will have an obvious-looking keyhole on the front. The keys for these will be barrel keys which have a distinct circular shape.

When opening a recessed soap dispenser, insert the key and pull on the faceplate. Keep in mind that some dispensers will have faceplates pulled down to reveal the reservoir. Others will have the faceplate attached to the reservoir.

Shower Soap Dispensers

These dispensers, commonly found in hotel showers are opened with a key at the bottom. These keys will often look like a two-pronged fork. Like all the dispensers we’ve mentioned, these vary by model.

For dispensers with the bottles strapped into them, you will need a key that looks like a two-pronged fork. At the bottom of these models, you will find a keyhole for each bottle.

Becoming a Dispenser Expert

With all these different types and models of soap dispensers, it’s hard to pinpoint how to open the one you have. When you know what you’re working with, you’ll never need to fear refilling your soap again! So long as you’ve got the keys, with these tips you’ll know how to open a soap dispenser!

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