How to Pick a Suitable Woodfire Heater?

In the age of electric heaters, who would buy wooden heaters? Don’t be surprised to know, but even today, a majority of people invest in a woodfire heater because of the visual appeal it can add to a home or a commercial property.

Many homes in Australia are still fond of woodfire heaters. So, if you are wondering whether you should go with an electric heater or wood heaters, you’ll find this article pretty interesting. So, scroll down to learn more about heaters, their use, benefits and more.

How do you use a wooden heater?

You sure have lit a fire using wood in the open. Using a wooden heater is similar to lighting a fire in the open. However, you need to follow some steps carefully and adequately light the fire. Follow the below-mentioned steps to burn a perfect fire using the wood heater.

  1. Clear the ashes from the previous fire and leave approximately 1 inch of ash to create the base for placing new wood. Add some old newspapers and place the wood in an angular position forming a cone-like structure.
  2. Give time for the fuel to heat. To do so, you can keep the door of the heater open or use an external source to heat it.
  3. Finally, open all the vents of the wood heater, and light the wood from all ends. Once the wooden blocks catch fire and burn from all ends, shut the door of the heater leaving the vents open.

It is not a big job to light a fire and let the wooden heater do its job. What’s challenging is to find an excellent wooden heater that goes with the aesthetics of your house. Wondering what to look for in woodfire heaters before buying them? The following information might help you make a clear decision.

Factors to consider when buying wooden heaters

Do you want freestanding or fireplace heaters?

Some people want to place their heater in a fixed space. However, others wanting more flexibility and ability to move the heater would prefer freestanding heaters. It would be best to decide before buying the heater because that will determine what size you have to purchase.

What type of material has been used to manufacture the heater?

Commonly one of these two materials is used in manufacturing a wooden heater. Either you have a steel iron or cast iron. The steel iron heats up fast compared to cast iron. So steel iron heaters have the potential of heating the room faster. But a cast-iron heater has the power of restraining heat even when the fire is out. Depending on your personal preference, you can choose the material.

Does the heater have a certificate of approval?

As per the Australian Standards (AS/NZS 4012 and 4013), a heater must be approved. A wooden heater will produce soot which isn’t suitable for inhaling. A heater with an approval certificate will produce less soot and more heat with less wood consumption.

What size of the heater will fit in your house?

The size and placement of the heater will define its efficiency. If you place a small wood heater in a living room, it might not be as efficient to heat the space as a large heater can do. You need to choose an appropriate size to ensure that the heater works efficiently to meet your requirement.

So, with these tips and information, you’ll hopefully have a good time choosing a suitable woodfire heater for your home.

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