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How to Select The Right ERP Software Partner For Your Business

A business owner’s selection of ERP software is one of the biggest decisions they’ll ever make, but the work doesn’t stop there. To be successful, they’ll also need to find the right implementation partner. ERP or enterprise resource planning systems affect nearly everything associated with a business, and updating to a better platform allows a company to keep customers satisfied while keeping costs under control. Here, business owners will learn what to consider when choosing an ERP software partner.

Their History

Potential ERP system implementation partners should come with recommendations from past clients, ideally from those within similar industries. It’s the business owner’s job to follow up with these references when looking for an ERP software partner, however; it’s also a good idea to visit them and see the system in action. References should provide unbiased feedback, along with insights that may help during implementation.

In-Depth Knowledge of the Industry

A good ERP software partner’s reputation should precede it. Every industry has different requirements, and when partners know them, they find it easier to adapt their offerings to meet clients’ needs. Most companies need to modify software to an extent but finding an implementation partner who knows the business and its goals will make the process easier. When they’ve found the right fit, business owners will save money and timeā€”and the new partner will be better equipped to help them use the product in ways that meet their needs.

Ample Resources

Choosing a software partner with the resources to support the company’s goals is another crucial factor to consider. For example, if you’re running a multinational corporation, the partner should know how to handle software implementations across multiple locations. Teams should be sizable and flexible enough to tackle the challenges that come their way.

Effective Communication

ERP software installation is a complex process that may take several months to complete. Because of the time required, it’s important for companies to choose partners with effective communication skills. It’s important for contacts to listen and respond to concerns, as it will help them find solutions that meet the company’s needs.

Good Relationships With Software Developers

While some developers handle their own software implementations, that’s not always the case. It’s important to choose a partner who can serve as a go-between for clients and developers. If problems arise or if changes must be made, effective communication between developers and partners may determine a project’s level of success.

Use of Agile Methodologies

ERP software implementations typically bring new ideas to the forefront. A company’s goals may change with time, and it’s important for ERP partners to be able to change their software and implementation processes to meet those demands.

An Understanding of Internal Requirements

When businesses know their own requirements, they’re more likely to find the right ERP software implementation partners. Before choosing a partner, ask yourself:

  • What needs are we meeting with the new system?
  • Which systems, software, and machines will be replaced by or integrated into the enterprise resource planning system?
  • Can they design a UX that fits our company’s culture?

While changes may come, it’s important for potential clients to communicate their needs clearly so the partner can use agile methods to find a solution that meets them.

Are You Ready?

Assessing a software implementation partner’s ability is sometimes challenging, but it’s a worthwhile effort. After considering the factors in this guide, get in touch with us. Contact us for additional information on ERP software, to schedule a consultation, or to request a no-obligation demonstration.

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