How to Start a Profit-Making Dropshipping T-Shirt Business?

Name one person who doesn’t own a T-shirt. T-shirts have taken over the apparel industry like nothing else. Everyone has at least one favorite tee that they can wear with everything anywhere. No wonder why t shirt business opportunities are on the rise!

Starting an online T-shirt business is easy. However, the real question is, is it profitable? Yes, it is! Considering the large unbeatable scope of the t-shirt market, your aspiring business can become profitable in a very short period when you follow the right and effective practices.

One of the popular business models is dropshipping. It allows business owners to fulfill orders online without the hassle of production, inventory storage, shipping, etc. When you implement the dropship automation software, you can streamline your dropshipping business. One of the most critical tasks that a successful dropshipping software must accomplish is keeping track of how much inventory it has in its warehouses. This software is an innovative way to keep tabs on your inventory. It enables you to create reports, streamline procedures, and automate a lot of tedious tasks. Saving time and getting things done faster can increase productivity, so this software could streamline your business when it comes to dropshipping. The software allows you to automate events to save time and get things done faster and more efficiently. Let’s understand this better.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a retail business model where the store owner does not directly deal with the product. When the store receives an order, the owner then purchases the product from the dropshipping supplier and then delivers it to the customer. It has proven to be a risk-free business model to many entrepreneurs because they don’t need to invest capital in buying and keeping inventory. You get and fulfil the order without touching the goods.

Here are the general steps of order fulfilment in a drop shipping model:

Step 1: Your store receives an order.

Step 2: The order is sent to your dropshipping supplier.

Step 3: Your order is prepared by the drop shipper.

Step 4: The product is shipped and delivered by the supplier.

Now that we know how you can establish a t-shirt business using drop shipping, read on to find the right steps to start your profitable t-shirt business or by T-shirt customizing online!

Simple steps to start a drop shipping t-shirt business

Pick a niche

You must start with a target audience. Without a target audience, there are high chances your business will not make profits or flourish. Decide on a specific niche to begin with. This practice is important when building a brand that’s different and unique. Over time, this will help you in building a strong brand identity. So, concentrate on a niche that’s trendy and is in demand. Some common examples can be sports, pop culture, funny, artsy, etc.

Look for a dropshipping supplier

This will take some research and time. Selecting the wrong supplier can make your journey challenging over time. To avoid that, spend time and effort into making the right choice. Your suppliers must be reliable and should deliver quality products. Ensure you have a clear understanding of their prices and return policies before coming to a final decision.

Compare different suppliers in your niche and find out the one that suits all or at least most of your requirements.

Create your store

When you have your niche decided, supplier confinement, and designs ready, it’s time to showcase the products to buyers online—in other words, setting up your online store. It may sound technical, but several platforms now allow people from non-technical backgrounds to build their stores from scratch. Some of these platforms are Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Etsy (for unique self-made designs), Wix, etc.

You can simply follow the steps, choose a store name, create product listings, set up prices and payments methods, etc. They generally have subscription-based payment methods that are billed monthly or yearly.

Another way is to take advantage of marketplaces by selling your t-shirts on them as well. Marketplaces have built-in audiences, which means that your products will reach buyers on them even without dealing with intensive marketing and advertising. However, when you sell through an online store, your marketing efforts are crucial in bringing potential customers to your store. This brings us to the next step.

Boost reach with marketing

Okay, so you have created your store, and it is up and running. Now what? How will buyers find your newly launched t-shirt business in a plethora of online stores? To make sure that your store receives a continuous flow of audience and, in turn, sales, it is important to follow a marketing strategy from the very start. This is a continuous process that needs a lot of research, time, and effort.

Here are some methods to market your products better:

  1. Advertising: You can pay to display ads over the internet.
  2. Search Engine Optimisation: Optimise your store, listing, product title, and descriptions to rank better on search results. Using in-demand and trendy keywords of your niche is the key.
  3. Content Marketing: Publicise your products through the content of different buyers and direct blog traffic to your store. You can also post informational or promotional posts in public forums and communities.
  4. Email Marketing: Who says emails are outdated? They remain one of the most important marketing practices. Building an email list and updating your past customers about new launches and occasional offers can attract repeat buyers.
  5. Social Media Marketing: Having a social media presence can bring audiences to your store and build brand recognition over time.

These were some of the ways with which you can boost your t-shirt business in a short time.

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