If You Think Your Spouse Is Cheating: Five Ways to Tell if You Need a Private Investigator

Being cheated on by a partner has to be one of the most difficult things to deal with in life, and it’s one of the main reasons a lot of people hire a private investigator. While this is a difficult situation, you need more than just a hunch in order to hire a PI. Fortunately, there are certain signs that most cheaters give out that can help you decide if you should make that call or not. Certain behaviours are quite common among people who cheat, and here are some of them you might want to look for in your own partner:

  1. Their Use of Technology Changes

If you’re used to talking to a partner on their cell phone regularly and you suddenly can’t reach them, this could be a sign they’re cheating. They might also stop using any shared devices in your home, change their passwords and refuse to share them with you, reduce their use of all social media outlets, and even clear the browser history on your home computer regularly. Some will even sneak off to make phone calls or begin “exercising” at odd times.

  1. Your Sex Life Suddenly Changes

Things that might indicate you need to contact a private investigator can include a greatly reduced or even non-existent sex life, your partner wanting to try new things in the bedroom, or much less emotional connection and intimacy with your partner. Of course, if you discover you have a sexually transmitted disease and you haven’t strayed, this is a lot less subtle sign to call a PI.

  1. There Are Signs of Lying and Avoidance

These things can include things such as your partner’s friends being nervous around you, catching them lying about serious or even non-serious things, feeling like they don’t want to go anywhere with you, and just an overall feeling that your partner is being more secretive than usual. Your partner may even accuse you of having an affair or stop going to church, both of which can be good signs of cheating.

  1. There Is a Change in Hobbies and Appearance

A change in appearance is often the first sign of infidelity. Your partner may suddenly care about their looks more than usual, dressing better and caring more about their fitness level. They may start going to the gym so they can get in better shape, or start staying “at the office” when they used to be at home. Any change in a partner’s overall appearance or hobbies might be a bad sign for you.

  1. They Might Start Being Indifferent to You

Finally, you might need to hire a private investigator if you notice that your partner is showing a lot of indifference and lack of attention towards you. They may become lazy, become bored with things quickly, not play with the kids as much as they used to, or show a lack of interest in special occasions such as birthday parties or even special holidays. When their attention level seems to dwindle whenever they’re around you, your relationship might be in trouble.

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