Important Points to Consider While Purchasing Diamond Jewellery

We all have grown up hearing a diamond is a woman’s best friend, but how do you go about finding the best diamond jewellery? Owing to its popularity, it is easy to get swarmed by the endless diamond jewellery options available in offline and online stores. Since diamonds are expensive, people have to be careful before choosing any diamond jewellery item. However, if you’re a lover of fine jewellery or any jewellery item made using sparkling diamonds, we’ve got something special for you.

To ensure you pick nothing but the best diamond jewellery, we’ve curated a list of the most effective tips that will help you make the best purchase. So whenever you’re out shopping for diamond jewellery, always remember the following points:

Pay Attention to the Diamond’s Shape

Although you may find diamonds having a round brilliant shape in most jewellery pieces, it is not the only shape available. As it is pretty popular among people, it is easy to spot this shape in a wide range of diamond jewellery.

But if you want to relatively stand out from the crowd, you should look for other shapes, like a cushion cut, oval, princess, pear, radiant, marquise, and many others. The shape of the diamond greatly influences the overall aesthetics of jewellery, so be sure to check out as many shapes or options as possible before picking the diamond shape that you loved the most.

Check the Color Grade Range

Choosing the right color grade range ensures you pick a diamond that is visibly crystal clear white with no visible inclusions. Diamonds in the grade range D or E are perfectly white with no inclusions, but they are a lot more expensive. If you want the perfect diamond at a comparatively lower rate, you might want to look for diamonds in the color grade range G to I. Before finalizing the color grade, remember that the diamond shape influences the color when viewed from different angles, so choose wisely.

Look for Eye-Clean Diamond

By eye-clean, we mean a diamond that is visibly flawless from a human’s eye. For someone on a budget, purchasing diamond jewellery with the best grade and clarity can be a little out of budget. But there is a way around it. Instead of looking for a flawless diamond, search for the ones whose inclusions are not visible to naked eyes.

Certain diamonds contain slight inclusions that are visible when viewed under a microscope, but the same diamond will look perfectly inclusion-free from the naked eye. Such diamonds are pretty affordable and radiate the same shine as their high-end counterparts.

Verify the Diamond’s Authenticity Certificate

Since you’ll be paying a hefty amount for purchasing diamond jewellery, you should double-check the diamond’s authenticity to be on the safer side. If you check out here, you will find the authenticity certificate for a stress-free purchase. If the jewellery has a Bis Hallmark for gold and SGL, IGI, & DGLA certificate for diamond, you can rest assured that the jewellery is 100% authentic. If the retailer doesn’t have these certificates, you should look for jewellery from other retailers.

If you remember these points while evaluating diamond jewellery on both online and offline stores, you will always end up with the best pieces.

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