In Which Countries Are The Online Sports Betting Most Popular?

Online sports betting are a huge industry that is a favorite for many around the world. It’s an excellent way to have fun while making some money when betting on sports at online casinos.

First things first, let’s talk about how lucrative online casino games have become for many countries around the world. The sports betting industry is worth $60 billion. This industry has become a favorite pastime for many in Europe, Australia, Asia, and Africa.

Online casino and sports betting in the United States, again, is a big business. This has become so popular that illegal offshore gambling is available in many U.S. states. This is where it becomes a problem for Americans who want to place their wagers on sports legally without leaving their home state.

12 countries where sports betting is most popular

We want to bring forth some countries where sports betting is prevalent. This includes sports betting on a variety of different games and sports and even variety in payment methods such as Bitcoin betting. Let’s have a look at these countries:

  1. China

This is a country that dominates the world’s sports betting industry at present. This is definitely true for online betting on all types of sports. Sports gambling in China is increasing at astounding rates. It’s expected that by 2017, this country will surpass the United States and possibly become the number one market on this topic as well.

  1. United States

The U.S. is one of the planet’s most widely set sportsbooks. This is because many Americans enjoy placing bets without having to leave home. Therefore, online betting is a great way for many Americans to enjoy themselves while making some extra money in the process.

Online casinos and sports betting are also more liberal in this country. The United States government has been highly supportive of online sports gambling for many years now. They will continue to allow them to be a part of this industry as long as they are still popular in the United States market overall today.

  1. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has become a hotbed for sports betting over the years. In fact, this is also true of online gambling. Legal sports betting is very popular here, and online betting is only following suit. The U.K. has been a top ranked leader in terms of sports betting and online gambling laws since 2004.

  1. India

India is quickly becoming a hotspot for online sports betting. This is because of the thriving business of the Indian lottery. The government has recently created new rules to regulate Indian gambling in most areas across the country. The new laws have made it possible to bet on sports in some areas. Sports betting in India is becoming a huge business and will continue to do so as long as people are willing to bet on sports online in this country today.

  1. Australia

The Australian people are crazy about sports and gambling as well. It’s not surprising that sports gambling is so popular there because the country is filled with so many great sporting contests to bet on and watch. The online casino industry in this country is worth $2.5 billion per year alone. It’s already a big business that will continue to grow in popularity.

  1. New Zealand

The online sports betting industry in New Zealand is worth about $400 million a year. The sports betting industry is growing quickly. More people are moving to countries with liberal laws, so expect the trend to continue. The online casino industry is also worth billions of dollars every year. A big part of this is because of the popularity of sports betting in New Zealand.

  1. Canada

The Canadian people are big sports fans as well, and they love their sports gambling. It’s one of the world’s fastest growing industries as well, and it’s consistently ranked at the top when it comes to online gambling laws overall in this country. Sports betting is a huge industry in Canada.

The online sports betting industry in this country is worth $1 billion per year. The initiative will continue to flourish in Canada because of the country’s recreational gambling laws. This is another country where the online casino industry and sports betting business are thriving as well.

  1. Nigeria

Nigeria is an emerging sports betting market. It has a very robust online gambling industry in parts of this country as well. As elsewhere, the growth of this industry is because of the growing popularity of betting on sports in Nigeria as a whole. It’s pretty large in other ways too. It’s the fastest growing betting site in the world today. Today, it’s a country with over 2 million online gambling users; and this number is growing every day.

  1. Mexico

Mexico is another country that has a thriving online sports betting business. The online gaming industry in Mexico is worth more than $200 million per year. This means that the country will continue to be an excellent market for sports betting in the future and online gambling. The amount of sports betting taking place in this country is astounding. The online casino industry in Mexico has grown a lot. It’s now worth billions of dollars.

  1. Singapore

The people of Singapore have long been interested in sports betting ever since the country opened up for international business around the globe. Today, however, sports betting is not as popular there as it once was, but this could change in the years to come. The success of online gaming and sports gambling could spell good things in the future for this country. Only time will tell if this happens, but we sure hope so!

  1. Italy

Gaming and sports betting in Italy are great for a lot of reasons. First, there really isn’t much of the online gaming industry in Italy to speak of. There are some sites and some games that are available. However, the online gambling industry in the country is worth about $17 million a year. It will not necessarily grow as quickly as it once did, but it will continue to thrive because of the growing popularity of sports betting online in Italy.

  1. Kenya

Kenya’s online sports gambling is booming. This is because of the great success of the combined online gambling and sports betting industries there overall. This country has a flourishing online casino sector that will continue to thrive for years to come. The amount of people that bet on sports right now in Kenya is fairly large as well.

Closing Notes

You can find betting sites for sports fans of all kinds. If you are a fan of online sports betting and unsure where to start, I would recommend taking advantage of a few different resources to find a site for you that is ideal.

Being knowledgeable about your sport will help you make better decisions regarding betting on the sport.

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