Mattress Carts: A Moving Companies Answer to Easy Relocations

Are you looking to make a big move soon?

If so, you’ll soon find out that one of the hardest aspects of moving is having to deal with your mattress! With traditional moving companies, you’ll run the risk of damaging your mattress.

As a result, many homeowners end up having to throw out high-quality mattresses and spend a fortune to buy a new one.

The best solution for this is to use a mattress cart for your relocation. Here’s what you need to know about a mattress cart for moving:

How a Mattress Mover Cart Works

You can look at this site to see different models of a mattress mover cart or mattress dolly.

You’ll see that a mattress cart is built solely for holding a mattress in place. It’s a device that helps you separate your mattress from any other furniture or goods to move to your new location.

A mattress mover cart can get adjusted to accommodate your mattress size. You can also use one mattress cart to relocate different sizes of mattresses.

One of the biggest advantages of a mattress moving cart or mattress dolly is that it doesn’t require much heavy lifting. You’ll be able to transport your mattress without dealing with the usual strain of moving furniture.

Best Practices

Now let’s look at some of the best practices you’ll need for moving your mattress and working with a mattress moving cart or dolly.

The first step is to ensure that your mattress is as clean as possible. Afterward, you want to encompass it with at least two thick layers of bedsheets.

If you want to take this further, you can use paper or even bubble wrap to encompass the mattress. Make sure you use strong duct tape to keep this additional wrapping in place.

You can also invest in a mattress bag to protect your mattress. In some cases, this might increase the dimensions of your mattress. As such, ensure that it still fits your moving cart or dolly.

While you can operate a mattress moving cart or dolly on your own, it’s always best to have an assistant. You can hire a professional moving company to help you operate the cart.

This ensures that your mattress stays in place while you relocate it. This ensures that you won’t have troubles navigating your cart when you load it onto the truck.

Make sure you also get your mattress insured before buying or renting a mattress moving cart.

Use a Mattress Cart

Now that you know the benefits of a mattress cart you can find the right one for your needs.

A mattress cart makes it easier to move a mattress compared to using a regular truck. It also makes it easy to protect a mattress from any potential damage.

Make sure you also follow the best practices when moving your mattress. Ensure that you use bedsheets to protect your mattress. You can also use paper wrapping or a mattress bag.

You can find more tips on moving and using a mattress cart on our blog

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