The 5 best video games that girls will love

Among the female sex, too, many gamers who love to spend time playing computer games, including gambling. In this case, the tastes vary greatly, someone loves to play multiplayer shooters or RPGs, others prefer to spend time alone in large AAA-projects. But the fact that girls love to play games is an undeniable fact. Below let’s take a look at 5 video games that are most popular among the gaming community and that girls will definitely love.

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  1. Bingo

In this game, participants mark numbers on their cards that are drawn at random from a bingo machine. Once the conditions according to the draw are fulfilled, the user becomes the winner. The game used to be popular in real life and there are hundreds of free bingo games to play, but now there is an online counterpart offering a huge variation of plots, rules and combinations. If access is a problem in the UK, look out for bingo sites not on gamstop that everyone can play. It’s not just a slot machine with a pretty picture. Thanks to the element of chance, the outcome of the game is not known until the very end, and girls just love surprises like that.

  1. The Sims

The cult single-player game from Electronic Arts. It is a non-linear life simulation sandbox game which allows you to create your own character and live a full life doing different things: work, have relationships, meet other NPCs, learn applied sciences. Depending on the lifestyle the character can achieve various achievements in the game, ranging from a Nobel Prize to their own business in a shopping mall. For girls, this is a real outlet where they can show their imagination and just relax. Gameplay without problems put on pause or on the contrary accelerate to the desired value. For this game, the developer has released more than 40 additions on various subjects.

  1. Just Dance

Everyone loves to dance, but girls like to do it more often. The reason might be a favourite song or a good mood, which immediately makes you want to go to a club or turn up the music at home louder. Just Dance is a music simulator, originally developed by Ubisoft studio for Wii console, but later they liked the game so much that they decided to port it to different platforms. The dancer’s movements on the screen are read by the controller, and the players try to match their movements to its beat, earning them points for it. You can play alone or with up to 4 friends on one screen. Therefore, this game is not only for girls, but also for the whole company.

  1. Life is Strange

An interactive third-person action game set in the genre of interactive cinema, split into multiple episodes. The story is about three teenage girls who get superpowers to turn back time. Despite the fact that the plot focuses on creepy crimes, the developer shows the player the everyday life of the main characters: personal relationships, meeting guys, hanging out at parties, and all the resulting problems of teenage life. The episodes tell little stories connected to each other in an overall plot. The game received a lot of positive reviews from critics, many nominations and four statuettes for best story. A prequel to the game was released in 2017, and another year later fans got the long-awaited sequel.

  1. Tomb Rider

A series of video games about Tomb Raider, first released in 1996. But we’re not talking about the whole franchise now, just the latest modern projects. The trilogy from Squire Enix gave the fans three interesting stories that describe Lara as strong and fearless girl, who is able to take risks for her own aims. In doing so, the game incorporates three genres at once – exploring the open world, solving puzzles and battling enemies. All of this is intertwined with an interesting storyline: players will have to go to the lost island of Yamatai and find there long-forgotten secrets, which are also hunted by a secret society.

This list includes games of various genres. There are gambling games with the opportunity to win real money, puzzle games and big projects with a full story, stunning graphics and the ability to explore the vast world. These are just the top five games that girls can enjoy. In fact, quality projects that will interest you for more than one hour, there are many more. Choose your favorite game from the list right now and embark on an exciting journey through uncharted worlds.

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