The Complete Guide That Makes Choosing the Best Online Pharmacy Simple

About 3.4 million people have ordered at least one medication online from outside the US. Of the 11,000 websites reviewed, however, 95% operate outside US state and federal laws. Many didn’t require prescriptions when selling foreign drugs, either.

Buying medicine online can save you time, money, and stress. You won’t have to stand in line to pick up your prescriptions anymore. Meanwhile, you can save money by comparison shopping with ease.

Not every online pharmacy is operating legally, though. Here are a few tips that can help you find the best online pharmacy without stress.

Using these tips will ensure you purchase medications from a pharmacy you can rely on. Purchasing the right medications will allow you to maintain optimal health.

Otherwise, counterfeit drugs could put your health and wellbeing at risk. You might waste money choosing an illegitimate pharmacy, too.

Don’t let that happen! Instead, become a savvy shopper this year. Learn how to choose the best pharmacy online with these tips today.

1. Remain Cautious

First, it’s important to understand why you should remain cautious while buying medicine online. Understanding the risks involved can also help you learn how to spot an illegitimate pharmacy. You can avoid a potential scam to protect both your money, health, and personal information.

Otherwise, a hacker or illegitimate website might put you at risk.

For example, you could become a victim of credit card fraud. An illegitimate business might steal and sell your private information, too.

A hacker might even use an insecure website to steal your money and personal details.

Remember, there are some pharmacies that don’t require a doctor’s prescription. Without a prescription, pharmacies could mistakenly send the wrong medications.

If you start taking the wrong medications, you could put your health and wellbeing at risk. The wrong medication could contain harmful fillers. Meanwhile, you’ll fail to receive the medication you need to achieve optimal health.

Instead of trusting every business in the pharmaceutical industry, it’s important to use these tips to vet your options.

A fraudulent website might:

  • Not ask for a doctor’s prescription
  • Offer surprisingly-low prices for medications
  • Not have a licensed pharmacist you can reach
  • Send unsolicited emails
  • Not have “HTTPS in the URL

Remain cautious before you start shopping online. Your due diligence can protect your best interests.

2. Talk to Your Insurance Company

Before you start buying medicine online, talk to your insurance company. Ask if they have a list of online pharmacies you can choose from. Ask about their vetting process, too.

Choosing a vetted, pre-approved pharmacy on that list can give you peace of mind before you start shopping. It can also save you time.

They can help you determine which websites to avoid, too.

If you find an online pharmacy that doesn’t appear on your insurance company’s list, don’t worry. It only means the insurance company hasn’t reviewed them yet.

3. Look for an Address

During your search for the best online pharmacy, make sure to review the website from top to bottom. Check the website’s footer for a physical address.

Determine whether the company is located in the US, Canada, or another country. If the website doesn’t list a physical address, scratch them off your list. If they only offer a P.O. box, take your business elsewhere.

4. Check with the NABP

Before choosing a Pharmacy in the healthcare industry, check the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) website. The NABP already has a list of pharmacies you can trust. They’ll indicate which companies meet licensure requirements.

You can also check the pharmacy’s website for the Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPSĀ®) Seal. The VIPPS Seal indicates the NABP has already vetted and approved the pharmacy.

The NABP considers:

  • How (and if) the pharmacy protests private information
  • How the pharmacy communicates with customers
  • What methods the pharmacy uses to fill prescriptions

If you’re interested in a Canadian online pharmacy, check the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) instead. CIPA also vets pharmacies in advance.

Otherwise, look for customer reviews. Check the company’s BBB or Google My Business listing. Look on forums online for reviews, too.

Reading reviews can help you make a more informed decision before you start shopping.

5. Compare Prices

Before you start shopping, take the time to visit more than one online pharmacy. Then, compare the prices for each medication you need. Looking at more than one website will help you gauge the average price.

If one price appears too good to be true, it likely is.

Don’t rush to shop from the cheapest online pharmacy. Instead, make sure the pharmacy operates legally.

Remember, doing your due diligence can help you avoid problems in the future.

6. Provide Your Prescription

Before buying medicine online, make sure the pharmacy asks for a doctor’s prescription.

Otherwise, the pharmacy might send you the wrong medication at the wrong dosage. Taking the wrong medication can impact your health and wellbeing. It could do more harm than good, too.

For example, some medications contain fillers or dangerous ingredients.

Ask if you can consult a doctor or pharmacist, too. They can help you make informed decisions regarding your medications.

7. Check Their Licensing

During your search for the best pharmacy, take the time to learn about the company as much as you can. Make sure the company is licensed and legit.

You can use PharmacyChecker to confirm the company’s license is up-to-date. You can also confirm that they have a licensed physician on staff.

Otherwise, scratch that pharmacy off your list. Don’t make purchases from a pharmacy that doesn’t have the right credentials.

Savvy Shopping: 7 Tips for Choosing the Best Online Pharmacy

Becoming a savvy shopper can protect your health and wellbeing for years to come. Use these seven tips before choosing the best online pharmacy. With these seven tips, you can feel confident in your final choice.

Once you find the right pharmacy, you can enjoy the ease and convenience of shopping online.

Searching for more tips? We can help.

Explore our latest guides today for more tips, tricks, and helpful advice.

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