The Most Common Causes Of A Cracked Tooth And How To Treat It

Cracked teeth are surprisingly common. In fact, they are just one of the many dental issues that dentists see daily, contributing to the high number of adults with oral health issues.

One thing is certain, if you have a cracked tooth you should get it seen to as soon as possible, it is easy to locate a good dentist with the dentist near me service. There are several reasons you may have a cracked tooth:


When you have a ball hit you in the face, trip and bang your head, or even are involved in a car accident, there is a good chance your face, and therefore your teeth will take some of the stress of the fall. This can lead to a hairline crack appearing. You may not even be aware of it at the time.

Tooth Decay

The other common reason for a cracked tooth is decay. When the hard enamel coating gets eroded by acid attack it is possible for the pressure of biting on something to crack the tooth. This is especially common if you are often biting on hard items or things that you shouldn’t be.

There are several different types of cracks:

  • Craze Lines

These fine lines are to do with aging and don’t need any treatment.

  • Fractured Cusps

A fractured cusp is a crack on the tooth that doesn’t go as far as the inner pulp. These are the easiest to rectify.

  • Cracks Below The Gumline

When your tooth has cracked and the crack goes below the gumline it will need to be extracted.

  • Split Tooth

This is simply a crack left untreated causing the tooth to split.

  • Root Fracture

A root fracture is when the tooth has split from the root upward, it usually only occurs in teeth that have had a root canal and, again, it results in extraction.

Dental Crowns

When a cracked tooth is spotted early it is easy for the dentist to clean the area and add a little sealant. This helps the tooth to stay together and prevents bacteria from getting into the crack.

The dentist will then add a crown to your tooth. It’s effectively a hat that protects the tooth and restores the natural look of your mouth.


Where possible a dentist will use a special bonding material and UV light. The compound fills noticeable gaps and can be coloured the same as the rest of your teeth. Because it effectively holds the tooth together and the repair can be done in one visit, it is the most popular option.

Root Canal

When the crack has reached the pulp the dentist will undertake a root canal. This means cleaning the inside of the tooth and rebuilding it, perhaps with the help of a crown.

If the crack is too deep or there is a serious infection the tooth will need to be extracted. This is the least favoured option by your dentist but sometimes the only one. In this case, you may wish to get an implant to restore the look of your teeth. Or if looking for dentures In Sacramento is what you prefer, that’s also possible. Implants are more permanent though. Talk to your dentist to have a more informed decision.

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