The Pros and Cons of Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass windows are made using fiberglass woven into a mesh pattern, through which various substances are then poured. The substance hardens around the fiberglass mesh to create one solid pane.

For a long time, fiberglass has long since been used for constructing many different types of objects. They are also found in most common indoor and outdoor furniture, boats, musical instruments, guns, and automobiles.

In the case of windows, it is lightweight, sturdy, easily cut into shapes, and neat. Fiberglass windows are available in several colors and textures. Before you decide on getting a fiberglass window replacement, take the time to learn more about them below.

Who Uses Fiberglass Windows?

You can use fiberglass windows in commercial or residential applications. They are more commonly found in the latter. It is lightweight, making it easier to install and remove when necessary.

Remodeling jobs in homes will often involve the replacement of windows to meet changing needs. For example, an adult family member might need a larger window frame to accommodate a new air conditioner, or exterior renovations may necessitate the installation of several new windows for future convenience.

This is important to know for those planning on getting their fiberglass window installation projects done. You can also consult with professional window replacement companies for advice.

Advantages Of Fiberglass Windows

    • Fiberglass is incredibly durable, and unlike aluminum or steel, does not rust. For this reason, the window frame itself will last for decades without needing replacement.
    • Although they are among the more expensive varieties of window glass, fiberglass windows are highly energy-efficient.
    • The glass is treated with a transparent film that reflects heat in the summer and holds warmth during the winter. That makes it an effective and inexpensive way to reduce energy costs.
    • Fiberglass is a sturdy material in making a durable and lightweight window.
    • Fiberglass windows can be made to fit any size or shape required.
      • Since you can reshape and resize fiberglass, the windows are ideal for those who want the convenience of customizing their living space.
      • That makes it easier for you to decide which style and size of the window will suit them best.
  • Not only does it provide a sturdy barrier against the outside world, but it also prevents dust from getting in, which is a benefit for those who suffer from allergies.
  • Fiberglass windows are inexpensive and easy to maintain. They can even be washed with a hose for those occasions when they become filthy.

Disadvantages Of Fiberglass Windows

  • Fiberglass is not as aesthetically pleasing as other materials, such as wood or aluminum. The patterned fiberglass can be noticeable when looking through the window.
  • Even if fiberglass windows have several benefits that set them apart from other windows, they do not come without their drawbacks.
  • Fiberglass is not very strong compared to other materials, such as aluminum or steel.
  • The material used in its construction may appear solid, but a committed individual can easily cut it with the right tools.
  • Fiberglass windows are also less energy-efficient than standard double-pane windows with argon gas between the panes.
  • Despite providing insulation, fiberglass windows are too lightweight to contain enough heat.
    • Adding an extra pane of glass can help to improve insulation by trapping air between the two sheets to prevent heat loss.
  • Fiberglass is often tough to repair. It can be repaired if damaged, but this requires the most up-to-date equipment and tools.
  • Also, because fiberglass windows are made of several sections, you should remove each to access the section that needs fixing. That type of window is dead once severely damaged, and you can’t replace it quickly.

When To Use Fiberglass Windows

You can have fiberglass windows almost anywhere, but they are most often found in homes and commercial buildings. The lightweight material makes it easy to remove and reinstall as needed. It is also very durable and weather resistant.

Fiberglass windows do not require much maintenance once they have been installed. It would be best to take certain precautions to ensure that they can last as long as possible.

Inspect your fiberglass windows regularly if the building they are installed in is frequently hit by strong gusts of wind or other environmental factors that could potentially damage them.

Replacing Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass windows should be replaced if they are damaged beyond repair or if they do not fit in with the style of the building. If a building gets a new facade, updating all its windows may be cheaper than installing a completely different type.

Usually, replacement windows will come with a warranty to ensure no damage occurs after installation and protect the homeowner from any defects in the material.

Is Fiberglass Window Expensive?

How much does window installation cost? Fiberglass windows are among the more expensive variety of window glass.

Although they are relatively inexpensive to purchase, fiberglass windows will often cost more than other types of windows because of their unique properties. They must be custom-made and require specialized tools for installation.

The Average Cost Of Fiberglass Window Installation

Fiberglass window installation costs vary depending upon size, type of glass used, and where they are being installed by the best window company. Fiberglass windows typically cost about $80-$150 per square foot.

Certain factors like the type of glass or materials used can alter this price. Depending on what you are looking for, it may be cheaper to purchase fiberglass windows directly from a supplier instead of hiring a contractor.

Contractors often include installation costs with their fees. Since fiberglass is strong, it can also take much damage. That means that homeowners need a budget to repair when damaged by strong weather conditions or vandalism.

The lightweight material of the fiberglass window makes them difficult for young children to open, which can prevent injuries involving falling through windows. Professionals know how to measure a window for replacement better than any DIY project.

Will It Cost More If You Hire A Window Installation Company?

Fiberglass windows can be installed by professionals or homeowners willing to learn the process. It is possible to install fiberglass windows yourself if you have the necessary equipment and tools. That will save you money, yet it will also take much longer than hiring a professional.

Professional installation may cost more, but they often do an excellent job and ensure correct measurements. It is also possible to negotiate a discount if you decide to install more than one type of window in your home or building.

Professionals have the skills and also equipment to help you with how to install a replacement window.

Hiring a professional will ensure that your windows are correctly installed and help prevent damage resulting in costly repairs later on. You save more with professionals doing the work.

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