Why Is Moving to Assisted Living a Great Option for Seniors?

Our needs change as we get older. Some people require additional care, while some want to age in place while enjoying their independence and freedom. In both cases, assisted living can be a great option because a loved one will get the additional care they need plus still retain their independence and freedom. Moving to assisted living can be an overwhelming change for everyone involved but knowing how it can benefit a loved one can help make the transition easier.

It Can Help Eliminate Social Isolation

Seniors who live alone are at a higher risk of social isolation which can lead to loneliness, stress, and depression. An assisted living facility provides a community environment with new friends and staff who provide social interaction and encourage seniors to engage in social events.

These facilities will usually have social and activity calendars that allow seniors to take up new hobbies, travel around their city, state, or the world, join fitness classes or even try a myriad of things they have not tried before.

Round-the-clock Compassionate and Professional Care

Many seniors need help with daily activities such as maintaining hygiene, dressing, medical assistance, bathing, and more. Unless they have a home caregiver, these things can be very challenging for some, and they can get ignored which can lead to even greater issues.

Assisted living facilities have professionals standing by to provide the assistance seniors need 24/7. These professionals ensure each resident receives the attention they need.

Every staff member is instructed on which level of assistance and care every resident needs so they can ensure they provide the best care while also protecting their residents’ privacy and dignity.

Apart from the extra attention and care given to seniors, the additional services provided by assisted living facilities St Louis include memory care for seniors with a variety of cognitive abilities and nursing care for those with different health conditions.

Lots of Independence and Fun

Although assisted living facilities are mainly concerned with providing customized care, they also do so while also ensuring their residents’ independence and that their residents have a fun stay. We know that fun and leisure activities have a significant impact on our life experiences as we age, and this is why these facilities place such an emphasis on them.

These facilities also allow residents to do what they want, when they want and can. The facility becomes a background for everything else your loved one loves doing so they can live more independently and confidently.

Balanced Meals

A good diet is crucial for seniors. As we age, our ability to differentiate different foods and absorb various nutrients can decrease and this is why balanced diets are important for seniors. Also, many seniors have issues getting the right food because they may forget to go shopping or deem cooking to be too dangerous. With balanced and nutritious meals prepared by professional chefs, residents enjoy three delicious and balanced meals a day that are great for their health and taste great, too.

Moving a loved one to an assisted living facility is a great option, especially if they do not have someone to assist them or provide the care they need. Knowing how doing so will benefit a loved one can make deciding to move them to one a lot easier.

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