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Top 15 Apps for Any Purpose

Thanks to technology, there is a whole world in our phones. Using them we don’t need to look for hours for entertainment or go somewhere to work. To get rid of negative emotions, we can just open YouTube or mobile live casino and forget about any problems. But we can use phones to make our daily routine easier, and these apps will help here.

Document Management

WPS Office

A compact office for working with documents. Supports and essentially replaces Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Docs, Sheets, Slide, Adobe PDF and OpenOffice. You can convert electronic documents to PDF, scan paper media. Works with 51 languages and all office file formats. Supports multi-window mode for simultaneous solving of different tasks. Encrypts documents and saves them to the cloud.


Scan documents, receipts and business cards with your smartphone camera. The app crops margins, improves sharpness and contrast. It saves PDF documents in the cloud and password protects important files.

DU Recorder

Record video from your smartphone screen and edit it. Conveniently test mobile apps, live streaming, webinars, giveaways and live streams. Video is recorded in good quality.

Tasks, Projects, Files


It’s a Cloud for file storage. You can edit Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents in it. You can send files even to users who don’t have a Dropbox account. The free rate for individuals is limited to 2GB of space. An account with 1TB of storage costs from $8.25 per month.

ZOOM Cloud Meetings

A great app for video conferencing. It supports up to 100 participants on video calls. You can share documents, show your smartphone screen and multimedia files in your calls.

Your daily schedule, planning

Stay Focused

Block apps that distract you from your work. The next time you mechanically tap on a messenger or Instagram icon, nothing will happen. And you’ll be happy to get back to work.


Organize things for the day, week, month, and life. Yes, in this app you can set life goals and track your progress toward them. And you can get alerts when and where you need to be, so when you walk into a store it can remind you what to buy.


A note taking app. Jot down ideas, take notes on speakers, make to-do and shopping lists. Set reminders if notes are time-sensitive. You can save not only text but also multimedia, web pages, and document scans in your notes. Share notes for collaborative work.



This service searches for the cheapest flights, hotels, and rental cars among thousands of airlines and travel agencies. Finds bargain flights without a specific destination. Turn notifications on so you don’t have to check prices daily.


Book apartments, houses, and rooms in most countries. It charges a commission, but it guarantees a fair transaction. Look for ratings based on the criteria that matter to you: location, cleanliness, arrival conditions, and communication with hosts.


Handy maps with navigation for driving, hiking, and biking routes around the world. Download maps of the desired country/city before your trip and navigate your new place without internet. Looks for offline addresses and infrastructure: cafes, stores, pharmacies, ATMs, and attractions. You can put marks on the map and plan your route. And also – to book a hotel room.

Information, Languages


The wisdom of humanity on your smartphone. You can read and edit pages even without registration. It’s easy to get lost while surfing Wikipedia – the app remembers which pages you’ve opened. You can save the information you need to read later without an Internet connection.


Save any content to watch later offline. Convenient for subway trips, out of town and when you’re low on traffic. You can set up a minimalistic text display without complicated layout or animation.


Learn foreign languages in a fun way. You can start from scratch and sharpen your skills: improve pronunciation, learn difficult words and phrases, get rid of a coarse accent. There are classes with native speakers.

Google Translate

Quickly translates text into 103 languages, both ways, and works offline with 59 popular languages. You can translate captions from 39 languages by pointing your camera at them

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