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Top 5 Booking Software for Therapists

2020 was the year in which online software and apps for small businesses came into their own. With many businesses forced closing down and staff to work remotely, the need for workable communication and organization tools became greater. One area that underwent a boom is that of booking and scheduling software. This type of tool became an essential one for one-to-one business operations. Therapists, for example, were able to continue practicing because of available software.

What is booking software, and why is it vital in the smooth running of a therapy business? Furthermore, which are the software packages that we would suggest you use? That’s what we’re talking about in this article, so we’ll begin with an explanation of what booking software is all about.

What is Booking Software?

If you have many clients who use your therapy sessions, you need them to book an appointment with you or do it for them. The traditional method may be to do so via the telephone, by email, or by message. Keeping on top of who has booked a session and when can be time-consuming.

Booking software takes away that element of time wasted. There are many on the market, and while all are similar, they have their selling points. Most are cloud-based, which adds to the appeal, so let’s talk about why these software packages are useful for therapists, and then we’ll have a look at those we believe are the best choices.

Why Is Booking Software Useful for Therapists?

A therapist uses one-to-one sessions to help his or her clients. This is usually done face to face in person, but many have offered video therapy since even before the pandemic made it necessary. There are several benefits to this, not least that some patients may prefer not to travel to an appointment and feel more comfortable being treated in their own home.

Booking software of the type we are looking at usually works as follows: the therapist – and bear in mind these systems are useful for any business that needs to take numerous bookings – issues a calendar for, for example, the next week. This displays the slots that are available and also those that are not. The client can access the calendar in the cloud and pick a convenient slot, and the therapist is informed. That slot is no longer available.

That’s the basics, but in fact, these software tools often include features such as a mental health billing software function that keeps the therapist up to date with payments and group session booking. Some may also include video conferencing software for multiple and solo use. Now we know what these tools are for, we’ve looked at five we believe to be the best on the market for therapists’ use.

Our Top 5 Booking Software

The following are five out of many options, and we think these offer the best functions and features. In no particular order, the best are:

This easy-to-use software package come fully featured with a neat and accessible cloud-based booking function that may be the simplest of all. The client merely picks a slot they want, the therapist is notified, and a reminder is planned. This package also comes with video-conferencing built in that can be used for solo and group therapy. Furthermore, the integrated billing system is well-designed and very capable. Overall, this is a great package that deserves its place among our top five.


Sage HR

Designed to make life easier is the Sage HR package, which comes from one of the biggest business software companies in the world. This package enables both one-on-one and group sessions and has its automated scheduling system that can take even more time back for the user. Easy to use and of a quality you would expect from a major developer, Sage HR is a popular choice with many businesses that need streamlined booking systems and is as capable as any other.


Popular with businesses that are busy in booking terms is Jobber, another cleverly designed package that offers everything a therapist could need. Everything that is, without a class booking option which is missing from the tool. That is not too big a problem where therapists are concerned, as most work mainly with individuals. It is a miss where there is a need for group bookings, such as in tutoring and training situations.


The similar functions of each of these packages are expected, as each is designed to do pretty much the same things. Connecteam is a fully functioning booking and communication package among the market leaders, and rightfully so. It’s easy to use and comes with everything needed to smoothly run the booking and appointments system of any therapist or training business.


Our final choice is Skedulo which is perhaps the most directly scheduling-oriented package of the lot and again comes with all the features one would need but also accept the class schedule.

That’s our five in no order of preference, and each would be perfectly suited to the smooth operation of a therapist’s clinic. Check out these and others in more detail, and you’ll find a tool that makes life a lot easier, improves your business efficiency.

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