Top Four Flops of 2020’s Clinical Trials in Biotech Industry

The industry of biotechnology has confronted many failed attempts and so far. However, few of the critiques even claimed the list of failures in the biotech industry has been too long and the unsuccessful trials have become a part of the industry.

Whereas, corona and pandemics have been the biggest factor in the failure of scientists and professionals’ efforts. Since ever, the list of trials that have turned into failed attempts has always happened due to the material outcomes on their patrons and as well as on the patients for which the drugs are envisioned. Whereas some of the biggest firms can sign off a disappointment, the exerted investments and as well as missed opportunities of commercial that can still turn into huge damage, meanwhile the small scale firms can expose the outcomes of the business.

However, the focus is also kept on the trials that missed the sign of diseases and have no approved therapies that can offer a clinically important step in the treatment. Usually, the list is likely to range from big Pharma companies to small scale businesses of the biotech industry.


Life sciences consulting firms claimed that back in February, the expert researchers in South Africa quite a biggest research that was based on the testing attempt of two combined vaccine factors, specifically from the GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi after concluding that it gives no additional security against the disease of HIV in comparison to placebo.

In line with this, the stage 2b/3 clinical trial that was entitled HVTN 702, observed the combination, overall in 5,400 sexually active males and females ranging in the age bracket of 18-35. One piece of the combination was a canarypox vector-based vaccine presented by the Sanofi Pasteur which was then named ALVAC-HIV. Though the another was a two-factor, gp120 protein subunit vaccine with an adjuvant introduced by GSK. In the produced vaccine, around 129 infections got collected with the 123 within the placebo arm. Though the yearly infection ratio in both groups reached around 4%.


There was more than one late-stage disappointment in front of the firms that are developing drugs for the disease of muscle-wasting Duchenne muscular dystrophy in the year 2020, though the decease of Catabasis’ edasalonexent that was specifically felt, stated by different biotechnology consulting firms.

However, the program was initially at high risk since the beginning and right after the edasalonexent it was failed and was eventually forwarded to the needle within the trial of mid-stage and was recorded in the year 2017. But, Catabasis ploughed was then ahead with the stage of 3 PolarisDMD research, specifically for the drug to eliminate both; it’s initial and as well as secondary purposes.


The drug that was delivered by the fish oil that is, Epanov and also AstraZeneca was focusing on the subsequent footsteps of Amarin’s bestseller with the Vascepa and indicates that it should eliminate the cut heart threats among the patients who are likely to have high blood lipid phases; a type that is considered to dominate through its Creator stating before it is likely to lose the protection of clear.

This ray of hope emerged through January right when the firm decided to ditch its stage 2 STRENGTH research of Epanova (omega-3 carboxylic acids) as an addition to the stains that work on decreasing the cardiovascular threats among the patients and work on mixing dyslipidemia, an illness that is marked through elevation of triglyceride levels.


It eventually turns into the biggest disappointment specifically when a drug starts treating any kind of condition with zero approval therapies and reaches directly the wall. This specifically occurs only in this year when the Roche likely to abandon balovaptan, which overall had been one of the leading fields of potential therapies for the whole (ASD) Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Concerning this, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), particularly about 1 out of 59 children has been recognized with the problem of ASD. However, it also accompanies the troubles within the social interaction and as well as on the communication which focuses on other symptoms also, such as, repetitive behaviours.

Overall, based on conducted analysis this can be said that the year 2020 has been quite challenging for the professionals of the biotech industry and overcoming challenges turned out into actually failed attempts.

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