Touring Chicago? These Rental Tips Can Be Life Savers!

As a tourist, finding an affordable and feature-packed rental place in Chicago can be challenging. Reasons? Too many options and a lack of information.

But before you give up your hopes of finding awesome rentals in Chicago, hear us out. We have listed useful tips for finding suitable rentals in Chicago that any tourist can use. Take a look.

Consider a Room-Sharing with a Local

You can get affordable and prime accommodations at great locations through room sharing. Though it is not for everyone, many benefits come with room sharing if you are open to it.

Many rental places offer discounts when more people are willing to stay together. There is also an opportunity to experience and learn about life in Chicago from a local’s perspective.

Select a Neighborhood

There are 77 distinct communities in Chicago. So, finding one that suits you will be essential to your life quality. You have freedom when choosing the rent location – thanks to the city’s extensive transit network. Moreover, it pays to know the expectations in a certain area and how your budget will be affected.

The difference between locations may be quite significant. For example, the typical rent per month for a 765 sqft apartment in Austin’s West Side neighborhood is a little over $500. Whereas the rent is a whopping $2,598 for a similar-sized place in River North.

Take Advantage of the Chicago’s Culture

Chicago is home to some world-class museums, brilliant architecture, and incredible cuisine. The city has an active outdoor culture, almost year-round. It is a great place to learn and experience what you love. So if art excites you, you can consider renting near Chicago’s Art Institute.

Look For Online Deals on Renting

There are many deals for grabs when booking an accommodation rental online. For example, searching on Craigslist can help you find affordable accommodations that fit your budget. You can also consider searching for keywords like “short term rentals Chicago” to check out quality accommodation providers like Kasa Living.

Carry the Necessary Documents

You must carry the necessary documents when looking for temporary rentals in Chicago. You might need a company identity card, apart from a valid photo ID. A letter from an employer will also make a good impression on a rental service provider. Other important documents to include can be:

  • Passport & Visa (If visiting from abroad)
  • Credit cards
  • A physical document with important phone numbers should you lose your phone.

Prepare Your Questions in Advance

When selecting a rental, there are things you must ask to know if it is worth staying in that space or not. Things like how many people live in the same house/apartment, whether pets are allowed and what amenities you might expect.

While we know every city has its own challenges, so here are some essential things to look for when renting a space:

  • A clean and quiet environment with no noise.
  • Access to public transport
  • Easily accessible grocery stores and restaurants
  • Consulting the locals is a good idea.

Be Patient

You may have to make several calls or visit multiple websites to find a suitable rental location. But before you get too frustrated, remember it all will be worth it. Try to compare deals and spend some time researching the best options.

Final Word

You can always avoid expensive places and look for deals online. Additionally, renting with people you don’t know can be a great experience, an opportunity to make friends while vacationing. Though it is important to check if you are comfortable living with strangers.

Overall, finding a temporary rental will really depend on how much you’re willing to spend and which neighborhood most appeals to you. Finding affordable rentals in Chicago will become an easy task with these amazing tips.

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