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As most of you will likely already know, reselling is when you take someone else’s product and sell it as your own. By preventing expensive development and running costs you can make money by reselling someone else’s products.

What is Reseller Hosting and what is its purpose?

Best reseller hosting packages work on a standard wholesale basis. You sign up to a reliable host, set up a reseller account to access wholesale prices, add your branding if expected, and then resell that web hosting at a markup.

Some of the important purposes of reseller hosting include:

  • Less time consumption while hosting

There is a substantial learning curve to reseller hosting if you haven’t managed web hosting before. If you have managed shared hosting or something similar, it’s a small step up from there with a little extra administration.

If you have used cPanel to set up your website, the process is much the same. Only this time, you’re setting up multiple hosting accounts from your master account. Therefore the setting up is simple as well as beneficial.

  • Favorable access to client website

If you offer web services to clients who also host with you, there is no postponing for them to send logins or delays while they reset their passwords. You have fast, unfettered access to their accounts. This means you can react rapidly to problems or provide faster than usual customer service. All can be repaid in allegiance and perhaps referrals.

  • Considerable scalability

Most reseller hosting accounts are scalable so you can begin small and expand as your client list grows. As hosting is virtual, scaling is done promptly and usually without any extra admin costs.

  • Earn income with reseller hosting.

Nobody is going to put on that you’re going to get rich with reseller hosting but you can make extra income from it. You also gain an income from those clients attracted by the complete packages.

Most reseller accounts are scalable so you can start small when you first undertake your contribution and scale up only when you need to. This is a cost-effective way to do business and keeps your costs down as much as possible.

If you’re going to be putting your reputation and your brand on the path when you offer reseller hosting, you had better know what to look for in a host. Reliability is key in any web host. That is even more valid if you are reselling services to other industries.

Select a web host that can ensure a minimum of 99.9% uptime or close to it. There is no need to settle for less. That means your clients should rarely see downtime and should rarely if ever, be on the phone stressing support.

Web hosting is amazingly competitive and there are some tremendous deals out there if you can find them. Spend as much time as you can evaluating prices, billing types, and fees and finalize the one that makes the most sense for you. It may not necessarily be the cheapest option but one that delivers the features you need.

Reseller hosting takes a little planning and a lot of research before you can get started. Hopefully, this guide has given you a much better idea of what is the purpose and how you can make an income from it.

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