Where Can I Find Jaeger Lecoultre Preowned Watches?

There are many great reasons to own a luxury timepiece that go beyond showing off your status. Owning a luxury watch, like a Jaeger-Lecoultre (JLC) piece, means that you’re getting the best-quality craftsmanship from expert watchmakers and the finest materials that are built to last. Cheaper watches that you can find anywhere generally have low-quality control, so they may not even serve their most basic function (keeping time) correctly.

When you choose a luxury brand, you can trust that you’re getting a timepiece that has been through the most rigorous quality controls in the watch industry, and innovative new designs are constantly improving the mechanical parts and processes in these models. You’ll also be joining part of the incredible history that these watches share across many time periods. And yes, you’ll experience the status lift of combining the luxury of peak craftsmanship with the beauty of jewelry.

Jaeger-Lecoultre watches, in particular, produce some of the best luxury watches on the market. While historically not as popular as the Rolex brand, many collectors consider these watches to be nicer, and popularity doesn’t always mean quality. Of course, the biggest barrier to entry for these watches is their price tags, and you may believe that you can’t afford to display one of these pristine inventions. Fear not, for there are places where you can find Jaeger Lecoultre preowned watches. Let’s take a look at your best options and the prices you can expect to see.


WatchBox is the world’s leading platform for buying, selling, and trading preowned luxury watches, and they have the best models you’d expect to see from Jaeger-Lecoultre. The JLC brand is world-renowned for its grand complexities, and other luxury watch brands, such as Patek Philippe, Bulgari, IWC, and Cartier, have sought out JLC’s expertise to create their own watches.

For nearly a century (2021 marks their 90th anniversary), the Jaeger-Lecoultre brand has been a beacon of excellence for watch collectors, and pristine-quality preowned JLC watches give more people the opportunity to take part in their iconic history. Every watch purchased through WatchBox will come with either a two-year limited warranty or an OEM warranty from the original manufacturer, so you can be confident in your decision. You may also be able to get a lower price on an iconic watch by paying by wire transfer, separating WatchBox from most luxury watch brands that require you to shop at their retail locations. Here are some of the most notable watch models you can expect to see and their average prices.



This is the most iconic watch model made by the JLC brand. Few watches are so instantly recognizable as this brand, and the WatchBox secondary market currently offers the Reverso Dame manual wind watch on sale for $3,750 USD. This watch boasts a 20mm x 33mm stainless steel case, a brand-new black ostrich strap, and a stainless steel tang buckle.

If you’re looking for something that includes a box and papers, they also have the Reverso Tribute Monoface Small Seconds manual watch on sale for $11,950 USD. This is a larger watch that has a 45.6mm x 27.4mm stainless steel case surrounding its green dial, as well as a green leather strap. These models also include the majority of time for their factory warranty.



These dual-wing watches have two separate mechanisms that guarantee unparalleled performance. Currently, WatchBox has the Duometre Chronographe model on sale for $39,950 USD. The two mechanisms are united by a single regulating organ that ensures both the function of its complexities and the precise measurement of time. Its functions include hours, minutes, small seconds, and a chronograph sub-dial. Every Duometre piece is meticulously decorated to leave patterns on the metal that resemble a passing sun.

This Chronograph model features a 42mm platinum case surrounded by a silver dial with a blue alligator strap. It also boasts an 18k white gold buckle. This model comes in the original box and includes a two-year warranty.

These are just a few of the best deals you can find on Jaeger Lecoultre watches. WatchBox also has other certified models from the Reverso, Master, Duometre, and Polaris lines. Good luck and have fun finding the perfect authentic watch for you.

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