How To Teach Your Children About the Dangers of Electricity

Electricity is dangerous but also a necessity for many people. That’s why it’s important that everyone treats it with respect.

The electrical supply in Australia arrives at your home through three wires, offering a single-phase 240 volt supply. It is possible to get a two or three-phase supply if you talk to your local electricity supplier. This can be necessary if you have high-powered appliances, such as a spa tub which may cause your standard supply to trip regularly.

As an adult, you’re aware of the dangers associated with electricity and the fact that it kills roughly 30 people per year through electrocution. It’s important that you pass on this awareness to your children as it will help to keep them safe.

Start With An Inspection

The first thing you need to do is have an electrical inspection done by a qualified Sydney electrician. This will ensure your system is working properly and there are no wiring issues that need to be resolved.

It’s a good idea to let your children see the electrician checking circuits. They may want to ask questions and they will note that this is a job for someone that has the training.

Watch A Video

You are going to draw up a list of things that children should never do around electricity, such as putting things into sockets. But, you also need to recognize that children are naturally inquisitive. Simply telling them not to do something may not be enough to stop them.

Instead, show them by watching electrical safety videos together. There are plenty of options available online. Watching them together will help your children understand electricity and the risks associated with it.

This is more likely to sink in than simply telling them not to do something.

Quiz Them

There is no harm in quizzing them to make sure they have understood what they have learned. Make the quiz fun and let them quiz you back. You can even deliberately get an answer wrong to see if they can correct you or not.

Create the List With Them

As your children will have developed an understanding of electricity and the potential dangers, they can help you create a list of electrical rules. If they share the creation process they are more likely to adhere to the rules.

Here are some suggestions, make sure the children know why the rule is on the list:

  • Keep all objects out of sockets except plugs
  • Never mix water and electrics
  • Avoid yanking power cords
  • Don’t overload a socket
  • Avoid tree climbing and kite flying by power lines
  • Ask for help or advice if unsure about anything electrical

Simple rules that your children understand will help to keep them safe and ensure they have a healthy respect for electricity throughout their life. You can also take the opportunity to remind them of the importance of regular inspections by a professional. This helps to ensure everything is working like it should be and keeps you all safer.

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