Who is Liable After a Serious Truck Accident?

Truck accidents hugely differ from passenger vehicles because there are multiple parties that you can hold accountable in a trailer crash. However, since these parties may not be directly involved in the crash, it may be hard to identify them. Some parties that may be held accountable include:

The driver

The driver of the vehicle may be held liable for the crash if they caused the crash due to negligence. For instance, if the driver was distracted, intoxicated, or driving recklessly, they may be held accountable for any damages caused by the crash. Moreover, they can cause a crash if they were driving while drowsy or had health conditions that affected their ability to drive properly.

If you want to know the party at fault, you should find out whether the driver is an independent contractor or an employee of a trucking company. This will enable you to know whether you can hold him or her accountable or not.

The trailer companies

The company has a responsibility to properly train its drivers and perform background checks to ensure they are hiring experienced and competent drivers to work for them. In addition, they must maintain their vehicles to ensure that they are in great shape to be driven on the roads. If they neglect these duties and their vehicles cause crashes, they may be held liable.

The owner of the vehicle

If the trucking company does not own the vehicle but instead uses it and provides it to a driver, then the owner of the vehicle can be held liable for any incidents involving it. The vehicle owner may have a responsibility to check the engine, inspect the machine and maintain the vehicle’s parts like the brakes, electronic system, and tires. If the owner does not conduct the proper inspection and maintenance of their vehicle in line with the federal regulations, then they may be at fault for any collision the vehicle is involved in.

The vehicle manufacturer

A vehicle is made up of many moving parts and the manufacturers are responsible for creating and assembling each of those parts. Thus, they must ensure that each part is working efficiently and safely. Therefore, when different parts of the vehicle such as the steering systems, brakes, electrical systems, and tires fail to work efficiently, they may cause a crash. In such an instance, a truck accident lawyer at Riddle & Brantley in North Carolina can help the victim to fight for their monetary compensation from the manufacturer.

The loading companies

Sometimes the drivers can use third parties to load and unload the cargo. The cargo loader must load the cargo properly into the vehicle. If they don’t, the cargo may fall out of the vehicle during transit and cause a crash. Moreover, improperly loaded cargo may shift inside the vehicle and cause it to lose balance and cause a crash.


If you have been involved in a vehicle collision and you want to determine who the liable party is, just contact a lawyer to assist you. The legal expert will not only investigate but also gather evidence and hold the liable party accountable for any damages.

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