What Are the Different Types of Podcasts That Exist Today?

Are you a fan of podcasts or interested in listening to them?

Podcasts are in the trend now more than ever. With so many podcast creators and niches out there, this trend is not surprising. In 2020, 83% of Americans 12 or older listened to a podcast.

Have you yet to try listening to a podcast? You came to the right place if you’re not sure where to start your podcast-listening journey. Below, we’ll discuss the different types of podcasts, which can help you find the best podcast for you.

1. Interview and Conversational Podcasts

Two of the most popular types of podcasts are interview and conversational podcasts. In interview podcasts, a host receives different guests throughout the show. The conversational podcast has two co-hosts and sometimes guests.

The goal of the podcast is to provide different viewpoints and opinions. Their guests may come from the entertainment industry, sports, politics, and more. The co-hosts often open conversations about specific themes and topics.

2. Roundtable Podcasts

A roundtable podcast or panel show is like a conversational podcast to some degree. On each episode, the co-hosts focus on a specific topic or theme.

The difference is that the co-hosts fill specific roles. For example, the main host acts as the emcee, while another adds comedic remarks. A third co-host or guest may provide in-depth expertise on the topic.

3. Non-Fiction Narrative Podcasts

One of the best teachers in life is other people’s experience. Listening to podcasts can teach you a lot about life and the people who have endured them. A well-delivered non-fiction narrative podcast provides these lessons well.

In this type of podcast, a host narrates the story of a person for each episode. The person can be a famous serial killer, successful entrepreneur, or historical figure. Consider reaching out to podcast companies if you want to start a podcast like this.

4. Fiction Podcasts

Do you prefer listening to fictional storytelling? If you do, you’ll enjoy fiction podcasts. This type of podcast often includes elements of audio drama.

Most fiction podcasts follow a script, have a cast of voice actors, and use sound design. Examples of fiction podcasts include The Magnus Archives and Welcome to Night Vale. You’ll also find many films and TV series that originated from fiction podcasts.

5. Repurposed Content Podcasts

Another type of podcast consists of repurposed content. In short, they’re podcast versions of a video series or book. They offer alternative media for those who can’t spend time watching or reading movies or books.

Did you know that even repurposed content podcasts are popular with many people now? The average person who listens to a podcast per week subscribes to six shows. One of these is likely a repurposed content podcast.

6. Hybrid Podcasts

Last but not least is the hybrid podcast. Its name indicates that it combines styles from the other podcast types. It may have a set host or co-hosts and feature guests, too.

For example, a hybrid podcast will start with a monologue. After a few minutes, the one-man podcast will shift into a panel discussion.

Find the Types of Podcasts that Suit Your Listening Style

Knowing about the different podcast types can help you find the best podcast for your style. Remember that these types of podcasts branch out into various niches or industries.

Did you like our guide on podcast types? Check out more of our content by visiting our other posts. We cover everything from Forex trading to health and lifestyle.

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