Why Scotland Should Be on the Top of Your Vacation Aspiration List

The UK is one of the most culturally diverse countries on the planet, and England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales all have their own outstanding areas of natural beauty just waiting to be explored.

Many Americans who dream of traveling to the UK tend to head to England and then onto Ireland, but if you’re either planning on a trip to the UK and haven’t factored in at least a whistle-stop tour of Scotland, or else are still in the planning stage, then this is the article is for you.

Here’s why Scotland should be at the very top of your vacation aspiration list.

Romantic & Historic Castles

Even if you’re not fully versed in the fascinating history of Scotland, you’ll surely be aware of the most famous battles and countrywide fights dating all the way back to medieval times, and therefore, must assume there’s the odd castle or two dotted about.

In truth, Scotland is swimming in different styles of castles, each one with its own back story that’s bound to entice you to find out everything you can, including Dunrobin Castle, which was built in the 1300s and holds the accolade of being one of the UK’s oldest ever inhabited castles.

Fife is the Epitome of Scottish Charm

Next, if you’re fortunate enough to have a week or more to tour around Scotland, then Fife is an absolute must-see.

Located on the east coast, Fife has just been voted the number one outdoor destination in the entire country by the famed Nature Scot for the eighth year in a row. Once again, everywhere you go you’ll learn about another period of history, with Falkland Palace being the favored hunting retreat of none other than Mary Queen of Scots.

In particular, the absolutely stunning natural landscape and unparalleled views that you’ll benefit from when staying at a property from will make you instantly fall in love with all that Scotland and Fife in particular, have to offer.

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival

There’s no more electric place to be in the entire world than Edinburgh, Scotland at the end of August every single year, as the city plays host to the epitome of comedy festivals, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Nowhere will be as busy across Scotland than the center of Edinburgh during the Fringe, so if you’re thinking about including the festival in your trip, make sure that you book your accommodation as soon as humanly possible.

A Haven for Whisky Lovers

Finally, if you’re already a fan of proper Scottish whisky, then you’re in luck, as there are over one hundred distilleries scattered across the five main whisky regions in the country.

Conversely, if you’ve never thought yourself to be a particular fan of such a potent and complex drink, then it is highly likely that you will either change your mind organically, or else be persuaded to try different tasting blends and brands by the locals.

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