The best compliment an individual can get is that they smell nice. There are many ways to stand apart from the crowd, but the most effective way is by smelling pleasant. When men go for their business meetings, they need to establish their strong presence in the room with the help of a masculine scent. Brands like Blue Stratos help with this due to their classic musk scent. Psychologically, the chances of other members in the meeting favouring decisions will be high, simply because of the presence set in the environment.

Fragrances are tricky to choose, especially for men, as there are a plethora of branded scents available in the market today. There are four categories of fragrances depending on liquid to gas concentration:

  • EDP (Eau De Parfum)
  • EDT (Eau de Toilette)
  • Body mists
  • Deodorants

The main difference amongst all the above is the concentration of the pure perfume fragrance. EDP is the most concentrated perfume version, and deodorants are the least concentrated. The deodorants have more aerosol present to the liquid ratio, while the EDP has more perfume concentration.

Men’s fragrance – what to pick and how:

Apart from the generic perfume spray bottle, men’s fragrances come in the following forms:

  • Musk Cologne
  • Strong perfumes soaps
  • Perfumed Talcum powders
  • Fragranced aftershave liquid
  • Perfume after shave lotion

Men’s fragrance brands like Blue Stratos create a vast option of products to imitate their perfume scents and make them affordable for their consumer demographic.

For those men who wish to invest in good-quality perfumes but are unaware of how to proceed, follow these steps:

  • Find one that complements body scent: It is crucial to look for scents that naturally get absorbed and disperse in the skin—the smell emitted, post that will tell if the fragrance is compatible. A good perfume lingers longer on the skin once it is compatible. Customers can buy testers to check what compliments their natural scent.
  • Set a budget: High-quality fragrances can range between $50 to $200, and affordable options are available in the market for various demographics. Before purchasing the perfume/cologne, do extensive research on the brands available. For beginners, set a budget of $20 to $50 and visit various websites to get the best deals. It will ensure that the individual does not overspend on scents unnecessarily that don’t compliment their natural body scent.
  • Quantity: The essential factor to keep in mind while looking for impactful and musky scents is the quantity of the perfume. The range of volumes available for fragrances is quite vast. Tester bottles can have 5ml to 10ml liquid, while larger bottles can vary between 30ml to 200ml. The smaller the size, the cheaper it is and vice versa.
  • Time of day and season: Like scent for the ladies, men’s fragrances too are classified into night perfume and day fragrances. Depending on the time of day, the notes of the perfume will react differently with the skin and emit a unique scent. Lighter musk fragrances suit men during the daytime and during summers. A mysterious, intense musk scent works well during the nighttime or winters. The top notes of a crisp fragrance will open in the heat, while the middle and bottom notes of a deep fragrance will linger in the cold. This way, men can match the fragrance to their mood and atmosphere.
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