Why Should You Become A Pilot?

The last time you saw the pilot in uniform when you boarded a flight, you would have immediately experienced a sense of respect. However, when you expressed your desire to become a pilot in your circle, you might have been flooded with information about why being a pilot is not a good career choice. Let us keep the “why nots’” aside today and talk about why being a pilot is a good choice.

Why Becoming A Pilot Is Amazing?

  • The view from the pilot’s office is amazing. You may not get as good an office view if you are in a different profession.
  • The profession has a minimal place for monotony and instead brings a bountiful of adventures with it. No two workdays are alike. Pilots have to visit different places, in different parts of the day, in different weathers, with different colleagues. They get to shop and stay in different cities on different days in a month. Few professions provide as much adventure as a part of the job as the profession of a pilot does.
  • If you are naturally passionate and love challenges, welcome to this profession. It is highly challenging (remember why you were flooded with the information we discussed in the beginning? This is why!)
  • Flying an aircraft is fun. It will give you an adrenaline rush. Added when you find that you were the person in the cockpit who has safely landed the craft, the sense of accomplishment is outstanding when this accomplishment is accompanied by flying with passengers, oh! The sense of responsibility, dependability, reliability and maturity people perceive you with.
  • As a pilot, you do not have to work for the regular 9-5 work hours. Pilots can exercise flexibility in their flying schedules and are given days off between their flights. That is a guarantee. Thus, in addition to the rewards of visiting new places regularly, the profession allows a great work-life balance.
  • You get to fly anywhere you, please! And not just for yourself, imagine how wonderful it will be to take your parents on tour to a different city with you in the cockpit. As a pilot, you also get travel benefits, which you can enjoy alone, take a vacation, and share with your family and friends.
  • Adding in your resume that you have flown flights intimates the potential employers of your grit, perseverance, determination and ability to operate well under pressure and stressful environments. Your chances of being hired over other people competing for the same post increase.
  • You get to network with other professionals from the aviation industry. The network brings you closer to opportunities, builds your self-confidence, and you become a part of the elite community.
  • Pilots get paid a lucrative salary. The pay increases with seniority in the role. Not just that, with seniority, the flexibility in your schedule and quality of life improves too.

If having such work-life sounds fantastic to you, with no further delay, join a reputed pilot training school that will provide you with instrument training experience in the most diverse of weather conditions. It will ensure that you are already accustomed to the practical outlook of a regular workday as a pilot by the time you go for the interview.


There is a shortage of pilots in the aviation industry today. Yes, pilot training is expensive, but the returns that it gives you over the long run are worth the fee.

If you dream of making this amazing work-life, a dream of many, a reality for yourself, go for it. You and the aviation industry mutually want and need each other. It is right – “What you seek is seeking you”.

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