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Your Guide to App Store QR Codes: easy download and tracking

One of the best implementations of QR codes for mobile apps is to lead scanners directly to their respective app stores. This makes for a better customer journey because it eliminates an extra step for users to search, type, and find your mobile app from the long list.

For marketers, using QR codes for downloading apps results in effective campaigns, increasing the number of people downloading your app and revenue in the process. The great news is, an advanced QR code generator online are giving marketers a whole range of options.

What are the benefits of QR codes for downloading apps?

Edit URL even in printed materials

One of the advantages of using QR codes to lead people to your app on mobile app stores is that you can alter it if you have changes in the URL. This saves you money because you don’t need to reprint the materials over and over again for any changes made.

Lead them to different app stores with one QR code

The iOS App Store and Android’s Google Play Store are two of the most common mobile app stores available today. Usually, this means that it requires two different links to lead customers to the right app store.

However, if you use a free QR code generator with logo software, you can customize QR codes to direct them to either the app store or their mobile phones, using only one QR code.

Advertise on both online and offline platforms

Aside from printed materials that you can post on billboards, brochures, or posters, marketers can also place these QR codes into online collateral such as a website banner, website ad, social media post, video ads, and more! This versatility and wide offline to online reach increases the chance of more people scanning the QR code.

Which industries use app QR codes?

Game and software developers

Gaming is a fast-rising industry and many developers use QR codes to advertise their products. QR codes for games are usually shared online instead of offline, because the nature of the industry is also on mobile platforms.

An app store QR code can make their marketing efforts more effective as they make itfaster for people to download their games or softwares in just one scan.

Utilities and daily activities mobile apps

Aside from monitoring the payments for your electricity, water, internet, and more, some mobile apps for laundry, cooking, and other daily activities are also being developed to make living more manageable, especially for busy professionals.

Posting QR codes for these apps in offline materials is just more effective, especially where people see them visibly in their day-to-day lives.

Food and restaurant industries

Takeaways are becoming more popular, even after the lockdowns. Fast food chains and restaurants are developing QR codes for their mobile apps, where people can scan to see their latest offerings, get discount codes, and order with ease.

Generate QR codes for downloading apps

One of the keys to a successful QR code-based marketing campaign is an advanced QR code generator, where you can customize your logo, colors, printing formats, and more. The great news is, these are widely available and most mobile phones also have more security options when scanning QR codes.

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