10 Spectacular Email Copies That Won Our Hearts

Whenever it comes to business email templates, a lot is discussed, right from the interactive features to design styles for increasing ROI to breaking the $42 barrier. However, there’s one aspect that we tend to take for granted- the email copy. Remember, HTML email templates were meant to make those text-only messages more attractive. 

We just cannot forget the base- those heartwarming copies that made sales a minimal expression of admiration. Thus, to rekindle the passion for writing superb email copies, I have curated a list of top 10 spectacular email copies that won the hearts of tens of thousands of subscribers. Let’s begin:

#1 Return Path

Losing a subscriber is indeed painful for any email marketer, and all of us want to make one last attempt to keep our hard-earned leads aboard. While most of the win-back emails try to offer an incentive to stay or simply focus on providing frequency options, Return Path used an amazing copy for its less-engaged subscribers. It’s warm, spot-on, and explicitly conveys that the subscriber means a lot to them. This email copy will surely make them take the return path from unsubscribing:

#2 Shopify

In this email from Shopify, one can simply find the amazing art of storytelling that helps users make sense of how to get started. Essentially, Shopify reassured its new users that they had made the right move, informed them regarding the challenges in building an eCommerce store, and smartly guided them to their resources. The copy builds a smooth reader’s journey, expresses the sender’s intent effortlessly, and makes awesome use of power words. 

#3 Wildbit

“Am I audible?” This has become a universal phrase thanks to the pandemic, but our inboxes have always been too professional. Breaking the monotony, Wildbit came up with this lively email copy that goes from using rhyming words to spreading humor, making it simply awesome:

#4 Oda

This is yet another amazing example of email copy where Oda tells its subscribers about its unconventional way of delivering music. They creatively described their USPs against the “conventional” way of listening to music, and it came out to be an interesting email to read. They explained how live sound streaming works in a fun yet descriptive way. See if the Oda way works for you:

#5 KFC

Apart from fried chicken, there’s something else that KFC makes finger-licking good, and that’s email copy. In this copy, right from the opening statement mentioning the chestnuts roasting at open fires to firing the FOMO flames at the closing, they aced at email copywriting. The typography added to their spicy copy, and it came up as a well balanced promotional message:

#6 Minor Figures

Minor Figures sent a quirky email copy that explains their initiative of going environment-friendly as a packaging company. They smartly described their willingness to go “carbon neutral” and that it is a big step before sharing the link to the resource which covers it in detail. They also explained it below in simple language, which keeps the email meaningful even if the subscriber doesn’t click through:

#7  bloomscape

In this email copy, bloomscape did an amazing job by explaining what miniature plants look like by taking examples of other well-known plants. This is an excellent way of educating subscribers without consuming much of their time because they may have to scan through a lot of other messages as well. They also placed crisp pieces of copy for different plant subtypes after explaining the main plant, making it a great informative-marketing message: 

#8 Grain

Grain did a great job with this email containing a vote of thanks to the community members that extended their support during the development. They also took the opportunity to ask their subscribers to upvote them on Product Hunt as they went on to make subscribers feel that they are stakeholders in Grain’s success. Its lucid, grateful, and encouraging tone makes it highly convincing.

#9 Moment

Now, this is what we call excellent structuring of email copy- this email from Moment. It has a great opening where they set the mood for the photography challenge and explain the steps in a simple way. They also shared tips in a very conversational tone, and the overall message goes well with the sender intent of motivating maximum participation: 

#10 Output

A software company that caters to music makers cannot send a cliche message even if it is on a topic like ’60s music, and Output knew this very well. So they churned out a down-to-earth yet creative email copy that captures the highlights of the sixties and wraps them in a sassy linguistic version. It’s the perfect business email template inspiration for creatives willing to learn how to resonate with the industry they are targeting:

Summing Up

There were many other sizzling email copies that I had in mind, but these ten were handpicked so that we have something for every reader. Email copywriting is an art that requires a lot more skill than getting a like on social media. While you don’t need to compete for attention once the reader has opened your email, you need to give them a reason to click-through and take action. Along with other elements, if used smartly, email copy is definitely your ticket to winning hearts and revenue. 

Author: Kevin George is the head of marketing at Email Uplers, that specializes in crafting Professional Email Templates, PSD to Email conversion, and Mailchimp Templates. Kevin loves gadgets, bikes & jazz, and he breathes email marketing. He enjoys sharing his insights and thoughts on email marketing best practices on email marketing blog.

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