4 Ways to Support Your Elderly Loved One as They Get Older

If an elderly loved one has spent their life providing you with guidance and support, it might feel difficult to suddenly take control of their health, finances or everyday chores.

Yet, as a parent, grandparent or relative ages, they might need assistance taking medications, paying bills or completing tasks. Continue reading to learn about four ways to support your elderly loved one as they get older.

  1. Involve Your Loved One

An elderly loved one might reject offers for help each day, as they might not want to admit they need extra help in the home. If this is the case, try to complete tasks alongside them instead of for them. Completing chores together might take a little longer, but it will allow a senior to maintain some independence and self-worth.

If your loved one’s health starts to decline, they might eventually agree for you to complete the chores on their behalf. It’s a gradual way to take over their care while protecting their pride.

  1. Show Respect

Every elderly person deserves respect. As eager as you might be to care for a loved one’s needs, you must always ask permission before taking over a task. For example, ask your aging relative if they would like you to enter an exam room with them during a medical appointment, or if they would be happy for you to come in at the end to ensure they receive all the answers to their questions.

Seniors are entitled to their dignity, which is why you must not attempt to take control of every situation. If you do, they’re more likely to reject your help, which will make caring for them more difficult.

  1. Discuss a Care Home

If your loved one’s health is deteriorating, they are behaving recklessly, or they are starting to neglect their wellbeing, a care home might be the best option. A luxury care home will provide your elderly relative with a home from home and 24-hour access to professional nursing staff, which will improve their quality of life.

Moving a loved one into a care home isn’t an easy decision, but it might be the correct decision for their health, safety, and lifestyle. Discuss with your loved one the benefits of moving into an assisted living facility like Signature care home in Eastbourne. For instance, you could promote its spacious accommodations, beautiful outdoor space, hair and beauty salon, delicious meals, and regular outings. It could make the move less daunting and more exciting for your parent, grandparent, or another relative.

  1. Improve Home Safety

If an aging loved one can remain in the home, a few alterations to the property could improve their safety and support their independence. For example, you could prevent trips, falls, or accidents by:

  • Removing clutter, rugs, and wires from flooring
  • Installing grab bars in the bathroom, bedroom, and living room
  • Adding a stairlift to make it easier to climb and descend stairs
  • Installing a walk-in shower or bath with a seat
  • Ensuring everyday items are within arm’s reach, such as placing crockery or favorite foods on a cupboard’s lower shelf

Caring for an aging loved one might not always feel easy, but they might need your help now more than ever. However, it is essential to involve a senior in every process and show respect during every change to maintain their pride and dignity.

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