Differentiating Rolex Ladies’ Watch Models From One Another

Interestingly, the first endorser of Rolex was a woman. Mercedes Gleitze is a lady swimmer who became the first female athlete in the United Kingdom to endorse Rolex. In 1926, Rolex introduced the first-ever waterproof watch, the Rolex Oyster. In the following year, Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf offered the Rolex oyster watch to Mercedes on her Vindication swim to the English Channel – she wore it around her neck on a band. The success of her vindication swim had proven Rolex’s excellence as well. The historic achievement lasted for over 10 hours in not above 60 degrees chilly waters, but the Rolex watch functioned in a perfect state.

This luxury watch brand now comes in many variances. A simple way to know what makes it distinct from one another is through identifying its different dials and bracelet materials. Take a look at some of its outstanding features.

Rolex Watch: The Dial

The dial is the face of a watch and speaks for its brand name. Rolex has many models and designs to suit your style and preference. From the Lady Datejust to the Day-Date, to the Oyster Perpetual, Rolex watches for women have a variety of dials to choose from. The superb manufacturing process of Rolex is very evident in how varied and detailed its dials are.

White Dial 

The white dial has a soft white surface – furnished in perfection from 18 ct gold, and the dial is tarnish-proof. It is highly functional for its readability and identity.

Mother-Of-Pearl Dial

This fine dial is a definition of natural beauty but filled with mystifying features. It came from an extracted shell that varies in structure, intensity, and colors. Rolex has preserved the original hues and comes in pink, white, black, or yellow colors.

Silver Dial

Through proficient brushing technique, the sunray finish dial was achieved. It uses Physical Vapour Deposition to achieve the subtle glow that changes depending on the watch’s position. Its ethereal light reflections made it to be one of the best Rolex Oyster Perpetual models.

Chocolate Dial

Electroplating is a skillful brushing technique. It was used to create the diffusing light that radiates in every delicate detail on the Rolex watch’s surface. Furnish with a light coat, the chocolate dial finish look is an epitome of a refined timepiece.

Aubergine Dial

The styled dial has a sunray finish. It produces cunning light reflections as the watch is twisted in different positions.

Sundust Dial

This is also made through Physical Vapour Deposition. As the sunlight beams on the watch’s surface, the lights spread, creating a dreamy glow.

Champagne Dial 

The champagne dial finish look is a mixture of yellow and orange pale tints. The sophisticated appearance of this dial was attained through electroplating. It gives a magnificent glow to the entire watch as the light of the sun shines on it.

The Rolex Bracelets and Straps

In pursuit of excellence in any way possible, Rolex had explored and produced several watch bracelets that would satisfy the high-end market demands.

Oyster Bracelet 

The Oyster bracelet is tagged as the most iconic. It is made of robust brushed steel and in flat three-piece links construction. Designed to be less prone to stretching, it is a sporty bracelet in one of Rolex’s collections.

President Bracelet

This high-quality bracelet is a combination of Oyster and Jubilee bracelets. Its semi-circular links make it distinct among the other types. This is particularly used in Datejust watch versions and was first introduced in 1956.

Jubilee Bracelet

This magnificent bracelet’s popularity is second to the Oyster bracelet. It consists of three interior links and has five-link construction. At first, it was specially crafted for Datejust models. Later on, the luxury brand started producing the bracelet in stainless steel and two-tone steel. It is lightweight and is better for the wrist.

Pearlmaster Bracelet

Pearlmaster is Rolex’s exclusive collection of watches, as its bracelet is usually embedded with precious gemstones. This was especially dedicated to ladies. It is designed to have rounded five-links. It represents luxury and sophistication.

Leather Strap

The Rolex leather strap is extraordinary, and it gives the purest traditional look to every lady’s watch. The Cellini Rolex collection has the most leather strap watches.

Oysterflex Rubber Strap

Rubber straps became extremely popular in the present time. Rolex is quick to adapt to the changing demand. It has launched its watch collection with an Oysterflex rubber strap. This type of strap has nickel and titanium metal alloy, making it extraordinary. It is well crafted to last and comforts the wrist.


Rolex watches are the best of their kind. The passion and dedication to making every lady’s timepiece greatly add to its beauty and value. The details in every watch are carefully crafted. Aside from the watch’s technical specifications, a masterpiece is distinguishable from one another by its appearance. To date, the Rolex lady watch has seven explicit dials. They are White dial and Mother-Of-Pearl dial, which define simplicity and elegance. Silver dial, Chocolate dial, Sundust dial, Aubergine dial, and Champagne dial are made by skillful brushing technique. The complex technique brings superiority in quality and sophistication. Apart from this, Rolex had offered stylish and highly functional watch bracelets. It has developed five bracelet types, namely Oyster bracelet, President bracelet, Jubilee bracelet, Pearlmaster bracelet, leather straps, and Oyster rubber strap from years of existence.

For the best selection of Rolex ladies’ watches, check out for an array of products. Give their website a visit and you’ll find the perfect watch that’s best suited for you.

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