Active Voice vs Passive Voice: Difference and Examples

Active voice

The active voice sentences are easy to make, understanding and clear. For making active voice sentences first write subject then verb and then the object. Every verb has a voice and the voice of the verb display the relation of subject and action which is narrated through verb. If you write you content in active voice your checker will easily understand it. And you leave a great impact by using formal and correct methodology of active voice. But if you are not native English speakers then it can be definitely possible that writing error happen. And these errors can cause of your hefty lose. But don’t worry we have a special grammar tool checker for you active and passive voice checker. You can use it to solve your active voice sentence errors.

Active voice examples:

  • She plucked a flower.
  • She is reciting the Quran.
  • Professor will give you the lesson.

Passive voice 

Passive voice is another writing methodology in English dialect. Passive voice is totally opposite of active voice. For making passive voice sentences the object comes before the verb and the subject comes at the end. Passive voice is usually used for emphasize the object. Because in passive voice the action is more important than the actor (subject), these sentences are used for scientific write-ups, for a general truth also can use in academic works. Not for all but sometime it is necessary to use passive voice. The tension is these sentences are not easy making, these are complicated and also trouble people to understand them. It fades the importance of subject in the sentence. Because of these hurdles some people leave writing or embarrass in front of checkers. If you want to write accurately you content use the active and passive voice checker to detect your faults in the content.

Passive voice examples:

  • All the wedding reservations are being made by my mom.
  • The comet was viewed by the scientists.
  • A movie is going to be watched by us tonight.

Voice checker features

  • Do you want to know about the tool that how it works? And how can you correct your active and passive voice sentences? Use this active and passive voice checker to check your errors in the content.
  • You can copy or paste your content which you want to test in the given space and the online tool checks it and spotlight the mistakes in your entered content.
  • The software which we use in the checker tool is working with powerful algorithm. And it will check your language, it will display the kind of voice which you used further it will detect your grammar mistakes.
  • Which errors are pointing out by online tool checker you can correct them or leave them it depends upon you?
  • You can use this checker from the website or you can install it on chrome as you desired it’s up to you.

Benefits of using passive and active voice checker

Many people can gain benefit from the online free active and passive voice checker. Not only students also writers, employs and many professional. Because English is an international language and it is necessary for us to know about how to write content in English dialect. It can leave a great impact on our personality. But if you are not native English speakers you can make mistake in writing content in this dialect. You can use active and passive voice checker to make your content error free. For using online tool, you just have an internet connection, you don’t need to install it you can use it online but if you want to download it then you can also download it as a app in your smart phone.

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