Best essential oils for your hair

Hair oils form an important part of the hair care routine. It basically involves massaging the hair oil of your choice onto your strands and scalp. Not only does the massage help with improved circulation to the scalp, but the oils also bring multiple benefits to the hair as well.

Benefits of hair oils

Hair oils help in nourishing the hair and making it shinier. Since these are absorbed into the hair strand, they help in nourishing the strand. Hair oiling is also effective for hydrating the hair and restoring the moisture therein, which then helps in improving the texture as well as the appearance of the hair.

Hair oils are also good for the scalp. Many have antibacterial and antifungal properties, that then aid in keeping the scalp clean and healthy. Moreover, those oils with antioxidants in them protect the hair cells from damage by the free radicals.

Oiling also helps with hair growth and curbs hair loss as well. Split ends and frizz are also tackled by the hair oils. However, for serious medical conditions, you should only follow the instructions of your dermatologist, whom you can easily consult over

Using essential oils

Essential oils are more potent oils that are distilled directly from the plant itself. Not only do essential oils smell great, but they also have benefits for your hair as well, which is why they have been part of the ancient medicinal remedies.

However, one should never use the essential oils directly since they are very potent. They should be mixed with carrier oils. Some examples include almond, argan, olive, coconut, jojoba oils. You just need to add a few drops of essential oil into your carrier oil.

Essential oils good for your hair

Bergamot essential oil

The salient feature of bergamot essential oil is its wound healing properties. It helps in keeping the scalp healthy by reducing inflammation. Moreover, it also helps in promoting hair growth as well.

Bergamot essential oil also has some antimicrobial effects, so, those suffering from conditions aggravated by pathogens like dandruff can benefit from this oil.

Lavender essential oil

While lavender essential oil is more famous as a sleep aid, it is just as good for your hair as well. Its benefits include accelerating hair growth, which is something so many of us struggle with.

It also helps in reducing stress, which also then has a positive impact on the health of the scalp then. Moreover, a lavender essential oil also has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that keep the scalp healthy.

Lemongrass essential oil

It is not just the hair volume and texture that ails people, but problems like dandruff are no less bothersome. Dandruff not only causes irritation and discomfort but also looks rather unpleasant. Your external appearance might suffer gravely due to dandruff falling off of the hair.

Lemongrass essential oil can help you with this. It helps in remedying dandruff, giving you clean scalp and hair.

Peppermint essential oil

Since peppermint essential oil helps in increasing circulation to the area of application, it, therefore, is very helpful in improving hair growth, albeit, during the anagen phase.

Moreover, peppermint essential oil is also effective for improving the number of hair follicles. Hence, all those with complaints of hair volume, rather, lack thereof, should utilize the hair growth properties of this essential oil.

Rosemary essential oil

Other than helping with memory, rosemary essential oil is also effective for making the hair thick. Moreover, as rosemary helps in improving cellular generation, it is also beneficial for improving hair growth as well.

However, if you are suffering from hair loss conditions like alopecia, you need to visit your Dermatologist in Karachi for an expert opinion and treatment.

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