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Burst Out a Few Misconceptions about Link Building

Link Building is an SEO strategy that the best SEO Agency in India practices to increase website visibility.  

Many SEO agencies use the terms link building and backlinks interchangeably, which is not the truth. Link building is a trick to create high quality backlinks to a website for the purpose of increasing online visibility.

Link building is more a trend than a technique in the digital era. Earlier, Google ranked websites on the basis of website content. With the evolution, it started focusing on the visitors’ perspective and making sure that visitors get satisfied after hitting the “search” button on Google.

Why adopt a link building strategy?

There are lots of other websites that sell or produce the same services or products that you do. Among them all, if you want to be on the top of the game, you should have a proper link building strategy. It is a strategy to determine how a web page ranks on search engines. The website visibility depends hugely on the number of quality hyperlinks.

As every day there are new websites and new businesses stepping into the online market, it’s necessary to adopt a link building strategy.

It not only helps the business reach the right audience, but also increases the business credibility.

Learn link building strategies – tutorial 1

Every online business plays a roulette of strategies to beat the odds and win over the competitors. However, the real-time practices of any SEO strategy depend on the target market, business niche, and available resources. Online businesses require powerful strategies to win over the competitors and gain more benefits.

Some of the most common link building strategies that actually work are elaborated here.

– Guest posting

Guest posting is a trick in which companies prepare high-quality and SEO-friendly articles for websites and then they create a backlink to your website. It is one of the most prominent link building strategies that experts use. The popularity of adopting guest posts to increase website traffic is beneficial for the guest bloggers as well as the publication website. If you want to gain a robust result, it is suggested to look out for publication platforms that are of the same niche. This will make sure that your blogs or articles will reach the interested group of readers.

– Skyscraper trick

Skyscraper is also the most adopted link building strategy, which includes analyzing a quality article with backlinks, then creating good content and replicating the backlinks. Any online business owner has to look into previously posted articles with sample backlinks to increase their success chance. They also need to create relevant and properly designed content materials. Through this, they can make use of email outreach to connect with the right people and divert them to the website.

– Contextual links

It is also called niche edits that include the inclusion of hyperlinks in previously published content. This is also a powerful link building strategy where some articles are already published and have enough web traffic. Unlike guest blogging, it has more advantages if the article has any internal or external links. This type of strategy is a ground-breaking resource to affiliate marketers.

So, why wait? With the help of an SEO company in Ahmedabad, plan out link building strategy for your online business.

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