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Buy router For The Best Service

The internet plays an important role in the life of people. Without the internet, it would be very difficult for people. Nowadays different services are provided by the internet. You can do online shopping. You can be in contact with people who are in other countries etc.

For the above purpose, It is really important to buy a router. To buy router is very difficult for a person to select. People need an economical router. The router should have the best specs. The HUAWEI WIFI WS5200 is a really good router. The specs of this router are given below.


The HUAWEI WIFI WS5200 has a very good shape. It has 4 antennas on top of it. The style of this router is very best. Huawei is introducing very good kinds of routers. The router looks good in both positions of antennas. The antennas are either touched to the router or in a stand-up position.

The dimensions height * width * depth are 205, 120, 36.8 mm respectively. It has dual-band auto-selection which is advanced. It came in 2.4 GHz and 5GHz. It has DBDC, 1267 system. You must need to buy router named HUAWEI WIFI WS5200.

The router has a very strong signal. The strong signal speeds up your toughest tasks in any place in your house. The wireless signal can penetrate solid objects very easily. The solids like floors or walls won’t be a problem for this router. So, you can get strong signals in your home.

The CPU of this router is a dual-core 1.2G processer. So, the processing of this router is quite fast. The memory of HUAWEI WIFI WS5200 is a total of 256 MB. This memory has 128 DRAM and 128 Flash. You can enjoy fast speed which will be beyond your imagination.

One WAN GE port and three LAN GE ports are in this router. One Reset button, the one-click pairing of support HLink devices. It has a power supply of 12 watts. It has an operating temperature between 0 degrees centigrade and 40 degrees centigrade.

The storage temperature is between -40 degrees centigrade and 70 degrees centigrade. It has a really strong security system. It contains anti-brute force algorithms which can protect the router. It has a firewall, WPA- PSK / WPA2-PSK wifi encryption. DoS attack protection feature is in this router.

Buy router HUAWEI WIFI W5200 is the best choice. It has a very good kind of parental control. With this option, you can keep track of your family’s online activities. As we know there are many troubling sites. This site shouldn’t be seen by the children.

You can keep an eye on your family even when you are not at home. You can also block inappropriate websites. You can also limit access to the selected device. This feature is really important as we have to take an eye on the kids.

I hope the information I conveyed help you to buy the best router. This router will help you to live your life comfortably. You will get a good connection with high speed everywhere in your home. You need to buy a router which gives you greater service.

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