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Standoff 2 apk

standoff 2 apk is a fully 3d tactical first person shooter game,developed using the unreal engine

the game is set in the near future where Players assume the role of an assassin who hunts other players by tracking them down within large free roam maps. You can choose to play either as a member of the criminal organization called ‘axis’ or as a part of the country’s special task force called ‘arc’.

This is a free to play game and will be available on  android apk, ios devices and on the steam pc gaming platform. standoff 2 features  a competitive mode where players will play either as axis or arc and face off in a deathmatch type environment the last team standing wins.

standoff 2 apk unlimited money

standoff 2 apk unlimited money get free money and gold.

this is a very exciting first person shooter game that has been developed using the unreal engine, the game’s visuals and audio effects are amazing and will give you a realistic feel as if your part of an actual 3d environment. this project has come out quite impressive and we can only imagine how awesome it would be on high end devices.

standoff 2 apk unlimited money Download  now!  here is a new free to play first person shooter game from epic games, the company that brought you unreal tournament and the unreal engine as well as gears of war series here’s some cool features you will find in this new project :

standoff 2 apk features include :

(1) Game modes- the game offers single player mode where players can play against computer controlled bots and improve their strategies. Players can choose to play either as axis or arc in preset game types like deathmatch,team deathmatch etc. they also have an offline training map which they can use to test out new weapons they unlock throughout the game.

(2) Maps –  the game offers free roam maps where players can sneak around corners, rush enemies or camp at strategic positions to get an upper hand on their enemy. Players will unlock new weapons as they proceed through the game and level up.

(3) Character Customization- this is one of the most exciting features of this new game as players can choose their character and customize it to fit their playing style.

(4) Unlockables- the game features a wide array of weapons from best selling titles like Armed force,splinter cell,ghost recon etc which can be unlocked by leveling up during gameplay or through in app purchases if players don’t want to wait.

(5) In app purchases – this is a free to play game but if players want they can make in app purchases which range from $0.99 to $74.99 depending on the items they choose to purchase, gold coins are used for making purchases while gems are earned while playing through levels and can be used too.

(6) Login bonuses- this feature is similar to the login bonus featured in many online games where players receive free stuff for logging into their accounts daily, unique items including guns and knives can be unlocked by logging in daily.

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