Buying Beds For Beginners: Top Tips To Consider Before You Shop

When your old mattress is no longer doing wonders for you, it’s time to say goodbye to the past. Indeed, you’d want to purchase the best bed out there – to get the most out of your beauty sleep. With this, it’s better to familiarize yourself with a few tricks to determine whether you’ve bought the best bed for you. Thus, continue reading and obtain these tricks up your sleeve:

5 Things To Consider Before Shopping

Your Budget

It’s essential to set your limits before buying your mattress. Remember you your buying a completely new bed you may also need to consider the coast of new bamboo sheets, quilts, pillow cases and even a new bed frame if the size of the mattress is changing. By doing so, you keep your money in check and take time to thoroughly research and scan through the price differences between every bed. This will also give you knowledge and insight as to what material costs more and what costs less.

Your Sleeping Position

Your sleeping position will significantly influence your mattress. If you’re a side sleeper, it will help to get a bed that is low on firmness to conform to your hips and sides. On the other hand, if you’re a back or a stomach sleeper, firm mattresses offer the best support as these beds ensure your spinal alignment. By determining your sleeping position, you’re able to filter what could work for you and what couldn’t.

Your Preferred Firmness Level

Although your sleeping position could also determine firmness levels, your personal preferences could also play a part in choosing a firm or soft mattress. With this, you’d have to find differences between plush, medium, and firm beds.

Plush beds are soft, and it greatly contours and envelops the body’s curves. Medium beds offer a balance between plush and firm mattresses as these provide equal amounts of softness and firmness. Lastly, firm beds are for those who prefer a rigid and fully supported back when sleeping.

Your Preferred Mattress Composition

Your bed composition refers to the materials of your bed. With this, you’d determine whether you may want innerspring, latex, foam, water, or even air. With the different materials and bed compositions, you may need to research what each material offers and what best caters to your needs.

Your Mattress Size

Now that you’ve had an idea of what your mattress will be, it’s time to choose the right size to buy. If you have extra space you want to fill, going for a king or queen isn’t a bad idea. However, if your old bed was taking too much of your space, it may be time to downgrade.

Best Beds To Consider

Since you’ve learned the tips to consider when buying a bed, it’s time for you to familiarize yourself with the best mattresses of 2021. Here, we outline five beds that accommodate every sleeper there is – even for those on a budget:

Amerisleep AS3 (Best Overall)

With its title, Amerisleep AS3 is suitable for every sleeper out there. This means that it is best at cushioning hips and shoulders for side sleepers and supporting the spine for back sleepers. Likewise, its comfortability is no joke as well – which makes it an ideal choice for couples. Additionally, Amerisleep AS3 has a plant-based foam free of chemicals, making it more breathable than your traditional bed.

Zoma Mattress (Best Memory Foam)

If you’re looking for memory foam, the Zoma mattress is the best choice! This bed is a match made in heaven for athletes as its three layers of foam provide support and comfort – all while being cool to the touch. Likewise, this bed also has a reactive foam that mimics and caters to a sleeper’s movements, ensuring that you don’t feel stuck when sleeping.

Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid (Best For Side Sleepers)

For those that want the best cushions in town, Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid offers just that. This bed has the soft outer layer you’re looking for, conforming to your body shape best. It is a hybrid which means it doesn’t neglect the support you need when you sleep. Not only this, as you also remain cool as you sleep, restricting any sleep disturbances from occurring.

Amerisleep AS2 (Best For Those With Back Pain)

Amerisleep AS2 is the best for those who want a firm mattress. With this bed, you get a comfort layer that relieves pressure through your sleep, removing any feelings of discomfort or sinking. Likewise, you also get an affinity foam that is divided into five sections – proving to be excellent support for your head, torso, feet, shoulders, and hips.

Vaya Hybrid (Best Budget)

Vaya Hybrid is the mattress to go for whenever you’re on a budget. With this bed, you get the support and comfort of a high-quality mattress while keeping your bank account in check. Likewise, the three-layered Vaya Hybrid will provide you a breathable sleep that is responsive, firm, and soft – attributes a quality mattress will indeed strive for!


With the tips above, you’ve undoubtedly made buying easy. With this, shopping is made undemanding as you already know what to look for. Thus, you can anticipate every sleep with a new bed as you know it caters to your needs and provides you comfort and support.

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