Career Boost: Which Project Manager Certification Should I Get?

70 percent of all projects fail and most of that responsibility falls on the shoulders of the designated project manager. Are you considering becoming a project manager of an organization?

If so, you might be wondering about the different project manager certification options out there for you to access? Before you select any of the certifications to obtain, we’re going to detail each of them for you to ensure you make the right decision.

Here are your options and more about each of them before you make your final choice.

Project Management Professional

The PMP is the project management certification that is recognized most across the business market. With the PMP certification, you can move into any sector of business and work within any industry.

One thing you’ll notice when obtaining this project management certification is that there are prerequisites you must meet. For the PMP you will need to:

  • Have obtained a secondary degree following your high school diploma
  • Complete leading projects
  • Complete project management education

Not to mention there’s an added price associated with the certification you will need to pay.

Certified ScrumMaster

The CSM is best if you plan to work within an agile environment. If you’re skilled in agile methodologies this is the project management certification for you to obtain.

You’ll learn more about the Scrum framework with this certification. You’ll gain deeper insights that make it possible for the Scrum team within your organization to perform at a more efficient level.

Before you’re able to get this certification, you’ll need to attend an in-person course as well as pass the CSM exam.

Certified Project Management Practitioner

When managing projects, having a CPMP is essential. This is if you want to learn firsthand how to manage age projects better.

With this certification, you will learn what it takes to become a better leader and all the essential management skills to do so.

This will be an incredible asset as you move forward managing projects. Although there aren’t any prerequisites for this certification it’s recommended that you take a course to prepare for the exam.

Master Project Manager

The MPM certification is only provided to those that have completed all commission requirements. These include having the necessary experience and training before you apply to be certified.

This certification isn’t limited to those that are in the project management position. It’s also open to those that find themselves with a variety of technical and business responsibilities.

Skills that would benefit from the addition of this project management certification.

Project Manager Certifications: Taking Your Skills to the Next Level

There are several project manager certifications you can obtain but it depends on what you hope to accomplish. Want to set yourself apart from others in the industry or secure better skills in leadership?

If so there’s a certification on this list that will be helpful as you add them to your current skillset.

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