Detoxing at a Treatment Center is Better than Trying at Home. Here’s Why.

Most people rush to stop substance abuse after realizing their dependence. However, this can be fatal in the absence of medical assistance because of overwhelming withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Additionally, the will to stop substance abuse is not enough when you are addicted. You need behavioral therapy and medication to help deal with cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

What is detoxification?

Detoxification is an activity that allows clearing the body of alcohol and drugs consumed by an individual. The primary goal of detoxification is to manage the withdrawal symptoms safely when a person stops substance abuse.

Why is a treatment center better than at-home detoxification?

Detoxification is a hazardous and complex first phase of addiction recovery that needs recovery specialists for the best results. Explained below are reasons you should visit treatment centers near me for detoxification.

Different environment

Reputable treatment centers near me offer patients great supportive assistance in psychiatric and medical care. The detoxification process can bring about extreme withdrawal symptoms, such as fever, seizures, profuse sweating, diarrhea, and more. When the symptoms arise, patients receive the medication needed to help recover safely. The medication also stops withdrawal symptoms and promotes a better way to deal with cravings for substance use.

Prescribed medication for at-home detoxification may react with your body. Meaning, you may have complications after the detoxification process without the help of a medical professional.

Treatment centers near me offer peer support. Having people you can comfortably share your addiction experiences without judgment, encourages effective recovery. Additionally, you get guidance on the best way to get by after addiction, through other people’s experiences.

Provision of mental health treatment

When struggling with addiction, it is common to experience mental health conditions, such as panic, depression, frustration, exhaustion, anxiety, and more. Sitting home alone during the detoxification process is more likely to accelerate the aforementioned mental conditions. Instead, you should visit treatment centers near me.

The centers provide psychiatric aid that promotes faster and better recovery than at-home detoxification. Having medically-assisted detoxification in treatment centers near me encourages long-term abstinence as psychiatric help will enable you to better deal with triggers that lead you to substance abuse.

Therapeutic support provides an effective treatment method for recovery from addiction. A visit to treatment centers near me will allow you round-the-clock, comprehensive guidance from psychiatric specialists. Therapists always have a customized treatment process for every individual to ensure great results in the treatment.

Avoid relapse

The risk of relapse when getting professional help from treatment centers near me is lower than at-home detox. Relapse is common for the people who choose to have at-home detox as they lack better ways of dealing with cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

The most significant risk related to relapses is the consumption of higher doses of substance after a failed detox process. Higher doses lead to fatal overdose and other medical emergencies.

Don’t do it alone. Get help!

It is vital to consider all the dangers that result from at-home detox. Now that you understand why treatment centers are a better choice over at-home detoxification, you need to visit professional treatment centers near me to improve your chances of a safe and long-term recovery from substance abuse.

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